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Alright, it's time for the big one. The Game of the Year! Get in here and vote like your life depends on it!

Looking at this list of games — it's incredible. I think this might be the best year for games since I've been at Kotaku Australia. Which is saying a lot, because I've been here for five years!

Choose wisely! And if you like, share your vote reasoning in the comments below!


    Witcher 3, especially for the Bloody Baron questline.

      Witcher 3 kept crashing for me in the big city. Kinda halted my progress.

    The only games I played this year were The Taken King and Fallout 4, so... Fallout 4. It's not the best way to vote in a poll with so many options, but I'm doing my best.

    Life is Strange. I'm sensing a pattern in my posts.

      I didn't vote for it on either PC or Console (mainly because I think those honours should go to exclusive titles) but damned if I'm going to be stopped naming it my personal best game of the year.

      I just voted Pillars of Eternity even though I've never even played

        If you were going to vote for a game you haven't played, it should have been Witcher 3.
        I'm very disappointed. We'll discuss this over this gyoza, Jimu, when we're addressing your behaviour regarding MGSV.

          I've been watching & listening to lots of Pillars on YouTube. Fuck I'm jealous.

          When we're you promoted?

            I was going for Senator Palpatine Transientmind, but that didn't rhyme closely enough and had no alliterative similarities, so now it's Grand Moff Tarkin Transient.

              Well, I'm already one of the commentators during the pod race...or was that Jimma?

    what a listttttttttttt


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    Oh wow...the only game I've played there is Batman so there goes my vote . Can't believe noone nominated Halo!! Whoops.

    For both this and the console vote I wanted to put Disgaea 5 but Xenoblade Chronicles X has provided just that bit more of a thrill while Disgaea 5 is more like a comfort food.

    Life is Strange. Although, to be fair, I didn't actually play a lot of new games this year.

    Had to vote the witcher 3!
    An unfinished MGS for second
    Then the overly anticipated, highly disappointing Fallout 4.

    Really enjoyed the hard mode on dying light played through co-op. Though the base game was just beyond too easy, to a certain extent so was the hard mode..

    Had the same problem of things being too easy with the witcher too but the top grade story and graphics kept me going just like it did in the previous witcher games.... I just feel like the difficulty was dumbed down way too far compared to tw2(honestly playing death march past white orchard felt like the very easy setting from 2)

    Divinity original sin. Easily my favourite game from this year absolutely blew my expectations and just a fantastic game. Honourable mention to batman arkham knight the only game I finished from this year. Couldn't give it to you however because of lack luster dlc

      Definitely agree with you about Divinity Original Sin - and DOS2 is the first (and so far only) time I have joined a kickstarter.

    Man, that's a really difficult choice. Had an amazing time with so many games this year. Honourable mentions for these games:
    - Rocket League
    - Fallout 4
    - Splatoon
    - Tales of the Borderlands

    But I've got to give it to The Witcher 3. It's going to live near the top of the list of greatest games I've ever played for a long, long time.

    I have to give it to Witcher 3 as well. Really wowed me.

    I found Batman and MGS to be extremely disappointing.

    I voted Splatoon. I wanted to vote Fallout 4, but there were too many glitches and clipping errors for it to be Game of the Year for me. Even though I really, really love it. I haven't really played anything else on the list enough for a vote.

    Splatoon though is pretty good and its a family game with hours of gameplay and it's so colourful and fun. Wins my vote!

    Rocket League for reminding the industry that I just want to sit down for 5 minutes and dick around.

    For me Rocket League was my GOTY as it's so addictive.
    Unfortunately, I feel like Dying Light will miss some potential votes as it came out much earlier in the year. It was quite captivating.

    Rocket League GOTY for me because it got everything right.
    Enjoyable single-player, fantastic multi-player, private servers, and a fast, frantic, buttery-smooth experience every time I played it.
    75 hours in and I only bought it in July.
    Definitely worthy of GOTY.

    MGSV is an easy goty for me with Rocket League a close second.

    I'm super into xenoblade right now; it's truly excellent, and my favourite rpg of the year. It seems like a weird thing to notice, but this is the only open world game I've played this year which isn't riddled with bugs (except for the indigen kind), and it also has amazingly fast loading times. The combat is fast and makes you feel like part of a team, the affinity missions all play like character building episodes of a larger anime series, and the mechs are just goddamned perfect.

    But Splatoon is GOTY for me. It may have appeared a bit thin at launch, but instead of being a rush job as any other publisher would've done,it was instead a conscious decision by Nintendo to ramp up the complexity of the game as time went on. You can disagree with that kind of content gating, but the game we have now is very, very good. This is the first console fps I've played which doesnt have a laughably low skill ceiling (my gold standard is tribes, FYI), and even the controls are a revelation for gamepad accuracy (which usually make me want to hurl myself through the nearest pane of glass).

    Splatoon injected innovation into the genre without sacrificing polish. It's fantastic. And it pips rocket league by having an incredibly realised world built around it.

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      The story is quite dark too. Completely different to the world itself. It's also my GOTY because I am still playing the bloody thing!

    For me it came down to a tough choice between Bloodborne and Witcher 3. So I voted for Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.

    No Starcraft 2?

    Thats a shame....but I guess that happens when it goes up against Fallout 4 on the same day.

    Splatoon. It new and great mechanics. It was a ton of fun. It had a good single player. My kids could play (rollers!).

    Unlike the other games I played (MGSV, Batman, AC:Syndicate, Xenoblade) there wasn't any niggling problems or tedious grinding. It was just immediate fun every single game.

    I've spent far more time playing Smash Bros for Wii U than any other game this year. It was released last year however...although LATE last year, so could possibly be included in a list of the best games of the last 12 months at least...can't it?

    Hmm I'm voting Fallout 4, I'm loving the shit out of it, while I think Witcher 3 is a better game and hope it wins, I've been living on 3-4 hours sleep every night for the last month because I just want to keep playing Fallout.

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