What Are You Playing This Weekend

What Are You Playing This Weekend

What am I playing? The same goddamn timesink I’ve been playing for the last two weeks: Fallout 4. Or maybe I’ll go back to the other timesink that was dominating my time before I started playing Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Either way, my time is gonna be a-sinking. What are you planning to play this week?

Just Cause 3 might also be on the cards — but guess what? It’s another timesink. I only have so much time to sink. And too many games to sink that time into.

I’m almost looking forward to playing catch up over the next two weeks.


  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3D on my 3DS.
    Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition (PS4)
    Mass Effect 2 (PS3)
    Star Wars Battlefront (PS4)

  • Fallout 4 probably gets most of my gaming time this weekend. I’ve also decided to give FONV another run through to mentally compare the two games at various points, so that might get a couple of hours here and there.

  • Star Wars Battlefront (PS4) after recovering from getting smashed tonight and two consecutive kids Christmas parties on Sunday.

    • I was really hoping my collectors edition would have shipped yesterday, but it wasn’t to be.

      Now, because of the stupid Saturday release, I’m looking at a whole extra weekend without it.


  • Hand of Fate. Still loving it. Just got Dead Space 2 for $10 so I’ll throw some in that as well.

    I’ll also throw some gaming hours at my Mum. She loves gaming and sci-fi, but has problems navigating 3d worlds with controllers. So we’re doing a Mass Effect run where she makes all the choices. I couldn’t play through ME again so I got the prequel comic in ME2 for her to make decisions with. So far, she’s loving it immensely.

  • I’ll be working on preparation for the Carnage Dimension in Disgaea 5 and playing some SAO: Lost Song mainly. Might end up having a thrash at a few songs in Project Diva F 2 as well. I’m also working on Disgaea 3 post game in spare moments and I have friends who’ll probably want to do Xenoblade Chronicles X co op sometime too.

  • Well, I’ve been going around shoring up my favourite settlements in fallout 4, making sure everyone has good weapons and walling off the settlements so there’s only one way in and it’s either a trap and a death maze … wasn’t there something about finding a kid I’m supposed to be doing? eh screw it, can’t be that important. I’m gonna keep wandering around looking for vintage comics and helping the railroad, because screw the BoS

    • I’m starting to see the importance of armoring up settlers, had an attack on my castle and they kept killing my level 4 shop enabler, had to quick reloading until a favorable outcome happened.

      Sure could be considered save scumming.. by why should I lose a one time thing because a bunch of dumb super mutants decided to grenade my turrets and rush my settlers to the barricades.

      As to the whole walls idea, don’t forget that invasions will use a lot of grenades. so your death trap might be working in reverse in some conditions, should be fine as long as you don’t group your turrets to close and don’t obstruct their shooting.

      • the death maze should be fine, it’s several zig zaging wire fences that are just wide enough for a person and at two seperate points you need to jump to past and along each side I’ve got heavy machine gun turrets flanking the maze so the whole thing can be shot at by the turrets or the manned guard towers as well. My one for sanctuary’s a bit more simple. Walled off everything except the bridge, funneled the bridge into a staircase that drops into an inescapable room with flame traps under the floor

  • FO4 and Assassin’s Creed (just got for $40 at Ozgameshop) will get most of my attention. Might catch some Xenoblade Chronicles on Twitch and see whether it’s worthwhile (purchase in the new year).

  • I plan on playing Xenoblade.

    I’ll probably end up just playing more Elite.

    Oh, and an escape room! Hope that’ll be good.

  • Fallout will be making a mockery of my free time again.
    Hey, can anyone tell me why my supply lines aren’t working properly?I’ve made one starting from sanctuary thru to red rocket truck stop thru to starlight drive in. Problem is my junk isn’t shared,so I’ve got 50 steel at red rocket but 1000 at sanctuary. I thought they were meant to share resources? It’s shitting me.

    • I didn’t know this personally because I haven’t done a lot with the settlement stuff, but I noticed you asking this question under another topic here on Kotaku (Fallout 4 Is Not The Fallout Fans Fell In Love With), and someone with the handle ‘zak51’ gave you the information you needed, but hadn’t made it a direct reply to your post (so you might have missed it). He said this:

      “You need to assign a settler to the supply line. Once thats done the inventory is share. One settler per settlement”.

      I think basically, when you open the workbench/construction menu, you have to find a random settler in the original place you want to share things from (most likely Sanctuary Hills), and then assign that person to the supply line in order for it to work. I hope this helps you.

      • Hey thanks for the help and Yeh I didn’t realize he’d replied on that other thread. Hmmm ok I’ll have to try reassigning some ppl to supply lines and try again. It’s such a terrible interface lol. Map shows lines and it barely gives u any more info!

        • HAHA … yeah, you might have to assign people to both ends of the supply line now that I re-read the info that ‘zak51’ gave you earlier (i.e. One in Sanctuary, and then one in the settlement of your choice). Anyhow, I hope you manage to get it working. I know how frustrating it is to try and set up stuff in a new settlement but not have any resources to build stuff with! 😛

    • Took me a long time to work it out myself! They don’t explain it, but the resources are shared even if they don’t show up in the workshop. (A few select items do, like smoke grenades) so when you build at a settlement with a trade route, it will draw from the resource pool of all the settlements connected to it.

  • R6 Siege (PC) and the usual smatterings of WoW PvP. Will try and finish Jessica Jones, as well as maybe finally commit to picking a handheld game to start working through. My 3DS/Vita backlog is horrendous.

  • I only really have Sunday evening, but I’ll try again to get past the stupid mission 50 on MGSV and some play some Rocket League. I’ve slowly got back into RL and am loving it. Even purchased some of the DLC the other day.

  • Some combination of MGS V, Fallout and Telltale GoT.

    All tonight though, rest of the weekend is hectic

  • Fallout 4. Before last night, I’d tried building something, but never got past a wall because I couldn’t figure out how to make the wall snap to a right angle so that my rudimentary shelter wasn’t just “a long wall.” Last night I looked it up online (cos the game never actually tells you this, for some reason) and learned about floors, and within fifteen minutes or so I had a two-story building constructed around the radio tower in Castle, taking up most of the yard.

    Probably some Destiny – missing a few calcified fragments on my alts, then I’ll finish off their ToM quests.

    And maybe some Hacknet, because I’ve realised I’ve bought at least ten times more games this year than I’ve actually completed, and am acutely aware of my ever-growing backlog.

  • I am going to try and finish Fallout 4 tonight, then install The Witcher 3 (Steam sale!) overnight and get into that.

    Have been very keen to get TW3 going, but wanted to wait til bugs were ironed out and there were enough decent mods to pretty it up and remove some crappy mechanics.

  • Getting into ESO on XboxOne (came with the bundle) lately

    Have it on PC but didn’t really gel…. Slobbing on the couch though seems different.

  • Been clearing some backlog games. Finished all New Vegas DLC, currently finishing some Peace Walker stuff. Getting back into painting my Warmachine models and doing projects. Should get back into the Witcher 3 as well.

  • Fallout 4, who knows, maybe I’ll actually complete some of the main quest this time.
    Definitely some Star Wars: Battlefront and I’d like to get some Mortal Kombat/Rocket League time in too.

  • Legacy of the Void,
    SW Battlefront,
    AC Syndicate.
    All on PC. I think that is enough of a commitment. Might do some GoW Ult Ed on Xbone too tonight before watching more Suits.

  • Got my delivery of Battlefront during the week – but that’s under lock and key until Xmas

    Strangely enough I settled on Far Cry 4 which is woefully unfinished

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