What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend is the biggest line-up of UFC fights in history, so my gaming time will be limited.

But I have made a decision people. It’s a brave one in these game-crazy times. I’m going to start a new Bloodborne game, so I can play the DLC in a non-NG+ state.

Why? Well, I think I’m just a little done in by open world time-sinks like The Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid V and Fallout 4. Just a little bit exhausted by it. Really keen to play something a little more focused again.

What are you playing this weekend?


    • At least you’re working on your pile of shame. Mine just grows and grows. In inverse proportion to my wallet.

    • I’m actually trying to do this at the moment. I have even connected up my ps3 again, and played through puppeteer. I’ll look through my list and try and pick just the little games (5-10hrs) to knock off the list then, I’ll go back up. I’ll just into fallout 4 from time to time (80hrs already). I have a bunch of WiiU games to get through, so I was going to do a different console per game.

  • I’m thinking of painting up some Warhammer 40,000 stuff. Might do an unplugged weekend, but Fallout 4 could drag me in.

  • Chirsmas parties.

    My comp died. Have to fix it.
    I do have ps4 and uncharted on it. Won’t forget bloodborne though.

  • Probably lots and lots of Hearthstone. After 2 years I still play daily. Pushing for a Legend rank this season, currently rank 8. Using Secret Pally (sue me), Aggro Druid and Renolock to climb.

  • I’ll most likely be doing a lot of running (so much running) in Xenoblade Chronicles X as I attempt to explore as much of the world as I can without having to do any more of the story missions (Up to C5 atm). It’s really impressed me that the entire world can be explored at low levels as long as you run a lot and use a little stealth.

    Outside of that I’ll be working on unlocking Carnage Dimension in Disgaea 5 and chipping away at post game content in Disgaea 4 and maybe some flittering around SAO: Lost Song.

    • I picked up Disgaea 5 when it come out but managed to snag 4 for $10 in the JB fire sale, should I play 4 first or am I fine just going on to 5 and coming back to 4 later?

  • Chicken! Totally doable. I’m half-way through The Old Hunters on NG+ and it’s not *that* bad.

    I’m going to keep wending my way through the Hunter’s Nightmare, plus I started Game of Thrones episode 5 and Grow Home in the past few days, so I’ll probably find time for them too.

    • I would suggest its actually *better* to do it ng+ rather than a new build. I got up to the dlc in ng+ easy peesy, first few regular bosses were nothing. Then the bosses in the dlc started to up that challenge. So, having said that, I imagine starting a new build where the first few regular bosses are still a bit of a challenge will make for pretty tough dlc fights without a lot of grinding.

  • FO4 got busted because I modded the crap out of it without NMM and now the update… So putting that down for a bit.

    Then I’ve just picked Destiny for the 1st time in 3 weeks and am having fun with the Sparrow racing — that won’t last and I’ll ignore that Xur bastard again.

    Finally AC Syndicate (PC) has just arrived (as per usual I waited for a price drop and to make sure it’s running ok) and as I love the series will be giving it my undivided attention this weekend in glorious 21:9!

    • Oh man, I’m running it on very high on my PC with next to no problems. Ran ultra fine too just a bit smoother on very high. Had maybe 3 frame rate drops in 25+ hours.

      Really good too, London is crazy big the main characters are likeable and the grapple hook is actually awesome and I thought it was gonna be lame.

  • Fallout 4 (love this game) with the new patch it has improved the frame rate drops considerably. Also ufc at a mates place on Sunday so looking forward to that one hope aldo kicks the shit out of McGregor so I can watch him limp around for a couple of rounds before getting ko’d!

  • A couple of Canberra based board game designers are launching Dragon Racers at The Games Capital on Saturday at 2pm. I shall be there to see what all the fuss is about. Admittedly, all of the fuss that I’ve heard so far is one of their friends telling me that there’s a game called Dragon Racers that involves card drafting in some form. That’s really all the fuss I needed.

  • Welp the PC version of Tetris Ultimate was worse the i expected so thats out. I probably should get around to playing legacy of the void soon.

  • Well, um, actually a pretty nice little Saturday, we’re going to do some base building in Fallout 4. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Witcher 3. I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have time.
    …You know what? give me that.

  • Fallout 4, if I have any time for gaming this weekend. The Mrs is taking me to a flash resort on the Gold Coast – it’s gunna be awful 🙂

  • I finished the Fallout 4 main quest, got about 70 hours played and probably a handful of non radiant side quests left. There’s quite a bit left to explore but I’m a bit burnt out. I’ve been playing South Park: The Stick of Truth and enjoying myself (although not all the humour is funny to me). Probably will continue playing that.

    Thinking about playing SC2 Heart of the Swarm and also Heroes of the Storm as well. I’ve done the tutorials. Decisions! Is the SC2 HoTS a good campaign? I suck at RTS in general.

  • well I ran out of Shadow Complex after binging last week, but I’m halfway through Gat Out Of Hell after the last big Saints Row special, plus just got Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and Just Cause 3… so probably a whole lotta JC3 if it plays nice with my rig – hopefully the weaponised vehicle pack is as entertaining as the one from JC2 :3

  • I’ll be playing a lot of Xenoblade Chronicles X, and a little bit of Splatoon since it’s Splatfest time again. ALSO Fast Racing NEO dropped on the Wii U eshop last night, so I’m definitely giving that a shot.

    • Excellent Nintendo week. I’ve got all of that on, and I’m picking up paper jam and steamworld heist for the 3ds.

      Last night I got up to the skell license in X, but I’m away ALL weekend at some wedding, so I won’t know the joy of skelling until Monday!

      Goddamned life!

  • No time. But late Sunday night ill play walking dead season 2 episode 3, a bit of Assassin’s Creed 2. That’s my pile of shame.

    And try to 100% Rise of The Tomb Raider, because I love it so much.

  • Fallout 4, started to run out of copper and aluminium, setting up power grids and turret defenses for 20 or so settlements are starting to take its toll. also seems like I get attacked once every two days or so despite my efforts nowadays it feels like scavenge>defend>scavenge>defend.

    I want to also set up water purifying building caps at all my water access settlements, unfortunately the costs to set that up is staggering, only place I’ve succeeded is The castle with 280 water and 324 defence, all the others are teetering around 40-80 etc etc.

  • My wife was lamenting last night “we’re not doing anything this weekend” which probably means I’ll wind up doing housework. So, Fallout 4 when possible.

  • Destiny – really enjoying sparrow racing… surprisingly so. Still learning little cornering tricks and figuring out optimal routes… if only there were more than two tracks 🙁

    Fallout 4 – finally managed to ditch Danse and continue with the story and now I’m confused. 😛

    *mumbles a vague reference to finishing something from my pile of shame with full knowledge I’ll be distracted by other things*

  • I actually have no idea. Haven’t played Just Cause 3 since I bought it, so maybe that Rise of the Tomb Raider.

  • Well, I got access to the division alpha and I was planning on digging into that all weekend but it’s just kind of meh. So it’s getting uninstalled and I’ll be on fallout 4

  • Still playing Witcher 3. I’ve also been getting really into Darkest Dungeon. It’s the real kind of strategic and thinking game I’ve been wanting for a long time.

    Also need to write up the start of the next campaign for Iron Kingdoms.

  • Will be playing some Battlefront with friends tonight.

    Tomorrow I’m catching up with my board game friends for an afternoon of dice and booze. I’m getting Rise of the Tomb Raider for my b’day on Sunday so i’ll be getting stuck into that Sunday/Monday.

    If i have time, I’ll try and rank up a bit more with my new druid deck in Hearthstone. Made the switch from shaman, and having so much more fun with the game now…

  • Got handed Until Dawn by my cousin on Wednesday… And it’s really good. 3 chapters left, then I’m done. Life’s too short for second playthroughs.

    Next, I’ll either finish Hearts of Stone or bring my bone back to life and play Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.

  • Possibly some Battlefront and Battle Outrun. Definitely some more Defense Grid 2. Busy weekend though, so we’ll see how that goes!

  • Planning to assault my handheld pile of shame, not getting around to it, and spending the weekend playing WoW and Hearthstone.

  • I’m still on my first play through of Bloodborne -_-
    But I did get it three weeks ago. I think over-leveling my character early on might have made it too easy… I beat Vicar Amelia on my first try (I was aroung level 50). I probably won’t make the same mistake in NG+

  • Bloodborne!

    And after all the FFVII hype this week I’ve been keen for some Squaresoft nostalgia, so I’ll be jumping into an old disc 2 save of IX.

  • Well Halo 5 is still not here 🙁 but luckily Batman Arkham Knight is tiding me over – bought it at release but have only gotten 24% through but this last week I have hitting it every night this week and it has so many great stylish moments and a fun variety of gameplay

  • Well, from a gigantic pile o’shame list that includes MGSV, F4, W3: THoS, Pillars of Eternity,Wasteland 2 and 1000(exagerating) more games that I don’t remember right now, I choose … Mafia 2(which I’ve allready played and finished). Probably some F4 too.

  • Hard to say. I was thinking of playing Xenoblade Chronicles X for the weekend but… something about it is bothering me that I can’t stand to play it for long periods of time. Will mostly be playing Bloodborne and Final Fantasy XI.

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