What Are You Playing This Weekend?

11 I'm in the middle of a brand new Bloodborne playthrough, in order to check out the new DLC, but it's pretty much Christmas now. And for me, that means multiplayer games.

My wife has a big family and we typically all hang out over Christmas. Everyone loves video games so that typically means we all get in on something. It used to be Counter-Strike, this time I suspect it will be Rocket League. Everyone in my wife's family loves Rocket League. I have a funny feeling I'll be playing a lot of Rocket League over the holidays.

But I'll still be working and posting over the next week, as will a lot of us across Gizmodo, Kotaku and Lifehacker Australia! So don't go anywhere!


    I got faster internet so I'm trying some streaming stuff.

    Once my internet speed returns to normal at midnight will be popping Deus Ex HR into my Xbone - that game and I have unfinished business.

    Also it's a week until other games will start taking over in the house so I should show Sunset a Overdrive some love!

    Big event this weekend though is The Force Awakens tomorrow and Birthday for our youngest who is turning 3 on Sunday

    Nursing a head cold while playing some AC Syndicate and Legacy of the Void.
    Oh and Battlefront cause I have become a child again. The force is strong with me... or I'm just a looser.

    I'm still all about Metal Gear Solid V ?

    I'll be playing Squad. Also hopefully will be seeing Star Wars tonight!

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