What’s Your Dream Video Game Christmas Gift? 

What’s Your Dream Video Game Christmas Gift? 

If you could get any piece of video game hardware, software or paraphernalia as a Christmas gift, what would it be? Aside from a stock graphic of generic controllers coming out of a box. We’ve got you covered on that one.

Every year my mother hounds me relentlessly for ideas on what to get me for Christmas aside from a LEGO Shop gift certificate (because my backlog isn’t big enough as it is). I’ll generally wind up asking for something practical — something I would have bought for myself anyway but just hadn’t gotten around to it.

It’s not that I don’t have ideas. I have plenty of ideas. It’s just that the things I want are either ungainly, impractical and expensive (stupid Gauntlet arcade machine) or nearly impossible to find. Perhaps a little of both.

Plus, making my mother shop for video game things is like my wife sending me to the shopping centre to pick up a pack of underwear — it’s embarrassing, stressful and she’d probably wind up getting the wrong thing.

If I could get anything video game gift for the Christmas, it would probably be this:

What’s Your Dream Video Game Christmas Gift? 

Image via Ebay

This is a Dreamcast that combines three of my favourite things in one game console — the colour pink, translucent plastic and random cat-based iconography. Why was there a clear Hello Kitty Dreamcast? Why did they make a special keyboard for it? And check out that glorious pinkness, the special pale, sickly pink that Japan seemed to love in the late 90s, early 00s.

It’s not that expensive — there’s one on eBay right now for $US300 ($417). They pop up rather often, really. It’s just that they fall just above the amount of money I would spend for something I already technically have two of — Dreamcasts.

I want one of these. I yearn for one. I will never buy one myself.

I shared mine, now you share yours. What real, obtainable piece of video game goodness would you like to see wrapped in pretty paper and handed to you for relatively free? Tell us in the comments, and then leave your comment open on your computer where your friends and family can see it, just in case.

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  • I think the Xbox Elite controller still stands as my ‘preferred” Xmas gift, but I doubt my wife/friends were organised enough to get one before the worldwide shortage.

    • I have a similar controller present in mind. I’d like the Star Wars ps4 controller. Its not too expensive sitting between $90-$100 most places but I can’t justify buying it for myself.

    • While there is a shortage in stores, you can just go to the Microsoft website. Literally took 1 business day for mine to arrive last week. This may not help you but you can send the link to your wife 😉

  • One of the new consoles. I don’t care which one. Even the Wii U has a ton of stuff I’m interested in.

  • A hollowed out Mortal Kombat 2 arcade cabinet filled with enough $100 notes to buy me a Mortal Kombat 3 arcade cabinet.

  • Something rare and expensive that I am missing from my collection but would never lay down the cash for myself and would get to feel forever guilty about the other person spending that much money on me.

  • On the vastly unreasonable scale of things: The City of Heroes server code from NCsoft, assuming they still have that backed up somewhere in a warehouse vaguely resembling the end of Raiders. That’d make all my Christmases.

    On the more reasonable side of things? Iunno. Erm. I could blurt out a list of Transformers and plastic tat, but video game stuff? I got nothin… Maybe a nice custom made microswitched controller or arcade cabinet? (I’d love to play Shovel Knight on that).

      • I have a stake in Titans (And the name of my main on the Atlas memorial), but Valiance Online is also looking really good.

        However, I fear none will come to par with the super-rational logic behind the CoH lore. It was like fighting a bunch of Ozymandias from Watchmen… Or a hundred of them, if you tried to deal with Nemesis. And that was both sides, heroes and villains had dangerous amounts of common sense, intelligence and genre savviness.

  • For me personally, I’d love some of the Fire Emblem merch and paraphernalia that is too expensive and rare for me to justify. Fire emblem stuff is hard to come by! Those figures are insanely good though.

    • Try finding Merch for the following games…

      Golden Sun/Golden Sun the Lost Age.
      Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle.
      Skies of Arcadia
      The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

      Apart from LE for SoA and LoH. Do try… as there’s way more Fire Emblem stuff and is more popurlar.

      • There’s heaps of merchandise out there for Trails in the Sky, you just have to look in the right places (Japanese sites). Aside from the soundtracks, Goodsmile made Nendoroid Figures of Estelle and Renne (and a Nendo Petit set with Estelle, Renne and Feena from Ys). There’s a pair of excellent artbooks with Trails in the Sky, Azure and Zero artworks which is available in English from Udon (check Amazon – my copies are on a boat right now or I’d pass the ISBNs). If you’re really desperate, I think XSEED still sell the poster & bracer pin sold with the old PSP LE for the first game in the US. Bet if you hunted around you could get some cosplay gear like weapon replicas. Would expect that cospa or one of the other JP companies has done some shirts or similar for some of the Trails games too. And there’s also the Falcom Gakuen manga.

        Only issue really is you’re a few years late. Much more likely to find Trails of Cold Steel stuff now.

      • Aww man, I haven’t even played any of those games! Really want to check out Trails though, especially after the way Jason Schrier talked about it lol. Sounds awesome

  • Custom arcade cabinet full with 90s arcade games. Arcade coffee table with 70s and 80s games.

  • My favourite present was a PS2…it has a dvd player in it!! : o
    But then we had to get evacuated for bush fires so i didn’t get to play it on Christmas day.

  • Animal Crossing New 3DS, I have a 3DS and very little interest in any of the New 3DS only titles but just want the AC edition. My 3DS is getting old and doing some odd things but I still can’t justify spending my own money on a new one.

  • Mine would have to be a Force Dynamics 401CR simulator.

    Neither I nor anyone I know can afford to buy one though, at around USD75K a piece…

  • I have read the reviews, I still want Santa to put a copy of Halo 5 in my stocking. I don’t care that the campaign is a mess. I’ve watched Twitch streams and seen captured gameplay from my Xbox One feed from my friends. Warzone and Arena look grand and fun. I want that online multiplayer Halo experience.

  • If I had to pick something (admittedly impossible to get) it would be an original piece of MGS3 concept art from Yoji Shinkawa. I love his work and I loved MGS3.

  • I’d have to say the Dreamcast Twin-Sticks. It’s pretty much the only peripheral I don’t own. I don’t have the broadband adapter either but I’d take the Twin Sticks primarily.

  • a hello kitty special edition dreamcast

    maybe a working mint N64 with goldeneye, mario kart 64 and the first 3 mario part games.

  • PS4 release of Team Buddies and Crash Bandicoot.

    Also a grey PS4 (hell even the controller i would accept).

  • I think it would have to be a setup of the original VR machines that I used as a kid. When I was a kid, I went to some shopping centre in Brisbane or Sydney I think, and a short session cost $5. Upon putting the visor on, reality changed around me. The attendants didn’t put the guard rail of the cubicle down, so I was looking at the floor as the horizon for a long time. Nevertheless, it was one of those “WOWWWWW” moments, and I was really surprised that the buzz for it was short-lived, as it was awesome. Decades later, some guy decides to tweak the existing concept and managed to sell it to fb for $4b. Insane. Anyway, although the current tech may be heaps better, it’s something that I’ve always wanted to relive.

    After that.. an english(USA) Naomi cartridge of Marvel vs Capcom 2. I have a japanese one and it’s almost the same game, but it’s hard to find and justify buying another one, esp. given current financial circumstances.

    Also a proper gaming pc… my pc struggles to run anything and can bluescreen regularly. =(

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