When Virtual Reality Goes Wrong

2016 might be the year where VR makes a very real mainstream debut. This fascinating short film, Uncanny Valley, explores the end-game of VR. Will we all start ignoring real life and dissolve ourselves into a virtual reality? Not until they sort out the controls that's for sure...

Uncanny Valley isn't perfect, but by online short film standards, it's actually incredibly well-made, with high-end productions values and a cool high concept.

And if you don't take it too seriously, Uncanny Valley is really interesting. It winds up taking things in some strange directions towards the end and might be considered a proper attack on video games as a medium. For sure it's asking some questions about the way in which interactive entertainment desensitises us to the effects of war.

Either way, this is absolutely worth watching.


    That was brilliant. Really well done!

    Very district 9, in a good way.

    Nice, interesting way of how the 1% wipe out the other 99%, very feasible.

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