Hideo Kojima Is Relishing In His Freedom

Briefly: "When working in big companies, especially Japanese companies, every little thing has to be approved beforehand, and you need paperwork to do anything," says ex-Konami employee Hideo Kojima in a great new interview with The New Yorker. "Now that I'm independent, I can do what I want with much more speed. I don't need to invest time in unnecessary presentations. I shoulder the risk." Read more here. Image via Jamie Simonds / Camera Press / Redux


    Would that be tomato relish or gherkin relish?

    Yeah he has no trouble trying to sell merchandise without even making a game yet. This would be seen as a big no if it was anyone else. But most people would delightfully lick his ass for him

      This would be seen as a big no if it was anyone else.

      As if! Everyone else already does this. Not to mention, where are the usual backhanded replies of 'well if people but then why not sell'? It would still work here.

      Last edited 20/12/15 4:34 am

    Heres hoping we don't have to wait 5 years to get a demo. God speed you glorious bastard

    (obligatory but joyfully-inserted #FucKonami goes here)

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