Why Goku Looks ‘Uncool’ In Dragon Ball Super

Why Goku Looks ‘Uncool’ In Dragon Ball Super

It’s natural that anime characters change over time. Sometimes for the better, and other times for anything but.

Over on 2ch, one commenter uploaded an image showing how Dragon Ball’s Goku now looks “dorkier” compared to his appearance in the past.

Why Goku Looks ‘Uncool’ In Dragon Ball Super

[Image via 2ch]

Hey, this is understandable! Goku is older. Age gets the best of us, Saiyans and all. Some of the points, like line width and eye size do appear to have taken some of Goku’s edge off. Which might be the point.

If this comparison looks familiar, the same 2ch commenter previously showed how Pikachu has changed over the years. You can see that right here.

Top image: 2ch


  • I think that the animators have done a good job of making Goku look older. Take in account that by the end of DBZ Goku is nearing 40!

      • Their lifespan is roughly the same as a human, they just don’t show as much signs of age and stay in their ‘prime’ longer.

      • About the same. Copied from another source:
        As a fighting race they stay young for a long time in order to maintain their power, but Toriyama explains that their actual lifespan isn’t much different than Earthlings, and they quickly deteriorate after a certain age. Toriyama adds that Saiyan hair style still changes with age, and that Nappa went bald. Like with Earthlings, hair composition various from person to person.

        • Actually that does sound very familiar now that you point it out, possibly something I read a long time ago and fell out of my memory.


  • i prefer the latter, your definition of cool is your opinion. it doesn’t make it right for everyone though.

  • This.

    In-fact when I first started reading through this post I thought he was referring to the top picture being the horrible one and the bottom one being the cool one.

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