World Of Warcraft: Legion Has A Ronda Rousey NPC

World of Warcraft: Legion Has A Ronda Rousey NPC

We already knew UFC fighter Ronda Rousey plays World of Warcraft sometimes (as a Night Elf Hunter), and the fact that the folks at Blizzard love Easter eggs, so seeing a small in-game tribute to her is really no surprise. But it's still pretty cool! Her in-game alter ego is a human Monk, called Rhonda, and she's hanging around the alpha build's Monk Class Hall. Can't miss her.

Blizzplanet's clip shows her exact location and features another in-game version of a famous WoW player: Mina Kunis aka Mila Kunis. This character was already in the game though, as a Garrison follower, she just moved to a new location in Legion.


    What the hell were those weird ass noises? the battle pets in front of her?

    Wonder if she gets 1-shot by a Holly Holm npc?

    A holly pally

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