World Of Warcraft’s Old And New Dalaran, Compared

World Of Warcraft’s Old And New Dalaran, Compared

Video: The fan favourite neutral flying city Dalaran, first introduced in Wrath, is returning in Legion as the expansion’s number one hangout place. And four expansion later, it’s a completely renewed hub. The folks over at Trade chat made a neat side-by-side comparison video using footage from the Legion’s alpha build.

So it’s far from the final version, but it’s already looking a lot different. While the basic layout is the same, all the interiors have changed (the gnome diver’s still there though) and got a lot more stuff. There’s a Rogue hall with vaults in the sewers and players for example can interact with the lights outside. Oh and possibly no more Rhonin with his “Citizens of Dalaran” speech.

Top pic: MMO-Champion


  • Most of the interiors look a lot nicer simply because they’ve stuck heaps of newer/higher-res models in them. The exterior though is still empty, so you can see how dated it looks. If they re-did some of the exterior textures it could look way better, seems more likely they’ll throw a bunch more objects/NPCs out there though so it’s less noticeable (like the interiors).

    Some of the interiors have been really improved though (Violet Sanctum? I can’t remember what it’s all called…), so hopefully they’ll do the same to the walkways. Either way, looks better than I expected to be honest… I thought they were just copy-pasting the whole city – with the obvious exceptions that needed to change lore/gameplay-wise (Violet Hold, Rogue thing in sewers, etc).

  • WoW is just about my favourite game of all time. But I cannot summon up any hype at all for this expansion. Dire.

  • Lookin’ fancy. Surprising what a bit of mood lighting and a few new textures’ll do for a place.

    Kinda wish they’d pull the same for the cities beyond Orgimar and Stormwind. Silvermoon city and the Exodar ain’t lookin’ real good in the 8 years since their introduction.

  • I just hope to baby Jesus 6 pound something that they fix the crafting system and make it feel more intuitive.

    • 130 materials + 20 special materials = click button to make item. Honestly it’s so dated and boring I think crafting is the worst in WoW

      • Yeah its pretty shit and thats why I wanted to see a change in it. It was in my opinion a terrible mistake to streamline crafting so it was accessible to everyone even lvl 1’s. But anyway hopefully they can do something along the lines of Final Fantasy 14 where the crafting is more interactive.

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