Watch 20 Minutes Of The Division In Action

Xbox One testers for Tom Clancy's The Division signed an NDA agreeing not to publish screens or video footage from the alpha. That trick never works. Hit up NeoGAF for links to more footage and mirrors of that footage should this footage get pulled. Footage.


    IT'S REAL?!

    As probably my most anticipated game of current gen so far, please don't fuck this up Ubisoft.

    Hard to tell from the video quality but the graphics look to have taken a nosedive. The world looks big and dense though, but time will tell whether that density is useful or just window dressing.

    I'm very worried about this. The chances of them messing it up are far higher than pulling it off. I want it to be awesome, but I haven't bought anything from Ubisoft for a while because of their recent track record.

    That's not some "I refuse to buy Ubisoft" thing, the games have just fallen short, or started at the top of my list, and then through 18 months of advertising from reveal to release killed all my enthusiasm for the game. Developers, don't do what Ubisoft does. Reveal, then release; and make the time between the two as short as possible.

    Graphics were better than what this video shows. Upload or the way it was captured hurt the video quality. Graphics weren't E3 great, but for an ALPHA they were good and the game played well.

    So the users breached the NDA of posting the video and Kotaku is posting that video here...Are you trying to get blacklisted from Ubisoft too?

    Based on the video, the AI seems to be... ordinary at the best

    no environmental destruction, no real interaction...looks like another overyped and bound for failure ho hum Ubishit release.

    Don't forget that The Division is by Ubisoft who disgracefully conned the world with the disaster called Watch Dogs, thankfully we were able to minimize the damage by spreading the word quickly upon it's release. This will be more of the same.

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