You Can Stream Xbox One Games To Microsoft’s HoloLens Glasses

You Can Stream Xbox One Games To Microsoft’s HoloLens Glasses

Video: Varun Mani is a project manager on Microsoft’s augmented reality goggle tech, HoloLens. This is a video he took where he starts playing Halo 5 on a TV, pauses, turns around then resumes playing on a screen that he can put wherever the hell he wants.

We’ve been impressed by HoloLens stuff before, but those have been “oh my god” stage moments.

The ability to stream Xbox One games to the bathroom (or wherever) is the kind of thing that will just quietly impress folks with its practical applications.


  • The lag…….

    No one notice that? 2 second delay between the sound from the tele starting after he pressed resume and then the game actually resuming – That’s a great concept but shit if it’s unplayable!!!

      • During development it would be advisable to not show elements which are not refined…

        We didnt see the narrow FOV in the first videos but we certainly heard about it! I wouldnt expect that a Project Manager would put a half baked technology on video and put it out there to the world…

        I know that as I work in Project Management…

        • Microsoft are terrible at showing off projects extremely prematurely, building hype way too early, then letting that hype fade off without capitalising on it, and finally releasing a half baked incomplete rushed product in the end.

    • It’s going to have the same issues with streaming any kind of game to any kind of device. PS4 remote play to the Vita is similar – the idea is great, but it only works well under ideal circumstances.

      Presumably this will have the added restriction of the controller having to be within range of the console? Or does is the controller able to pair with the HoloLens headset instead of with the console?

      • I would presume it would pass on the whole signal and the hololens would then be in control by a controller synced with th hololens. But thats not what it looks like above and is presumed only because of my background with ps vita and tv – not streamed from my xbone so not sure how microsoft have that operating

        • Tbh, I usually keep my controller synced with my Xbox. Smartglass gives me a warning that no controller is connected but I ignore it. Adding lag to my video is one thing, but why would I want to also add input lag from my controller?

          PS4 to Vita has the same issues, except even more frustratingly it doesn’t entirely mimic the available buttons of the dual shock.

          • Yeah this is why it’s only good for some games,, ie Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and Back to the Future are my more recent enjoyable remote play experiences 😉

            I did do a fair bit of infamous just collecting shards on the vita, but it became a pain in the ass if you ran into any enemies…

          • So you keep your controller synced to xbox and stream the video elsewhere?

            PS doesnt allow it – if you try and sync the dual shock again it disconnects remote play – one of my bigger issues with it! Cant sync controller to vita and cant keep it synced to source device!!! Grrrrr

      • Oh definitely expect it to get better with age just as the vita and pstv has – at first that was near unusable but after a couple of years ots improved a hell of a lot!

  • With the development edition costing US$3,000 I can’t see the consumer version being less than US$1,000 – $1500, and who the hell will buy them at that price?

    • ^ This. Not sure what they are hoping to achieve with this. The xbox is a consumer device HoloLens is not. I’m actually a little disappointed that MS isn’t investing in VR or at least something different from the usual box and controller setup. I’m interested in what Sony is doing with the VR headset, although I haven’t heard that much about it. It’s time to start moving forward in the gaming space from ever increasing graphics fidelity to other forms of immersion.

      • I dunno, I’m skeptical personally. I don’t think it’ll take off to be honest, it’ll be a great little gimmick, but core games and gamers will remain playing games the old school way. Kind of like Kinect (or the Move.. or whatever the PS version was), great idea but just kind of fizzled out

        I think its an awesome step forward, but just don’t think its going to become the way we game on a day to day basis any time soon.

        Just my thoughts anyways, am curious to see what becomes of it

      • I actually see the hololens being more viable than the VR systems for consumers as it gets around the motion sickness issues (especially for older users) and it doesn’t require a consoles/pc to run it. It also gets around the large portion of the non gaming public who seem to be against being totally immersed, whenever I bring up VR around non gamers they almost always say they don’t want to use it because they can’t see the outside world anymore.

        • The issue with HoloLens is the cost, $3,000 or even $1,500 is too much for the everyday buyer. As with all things, mass production brings the cost down, but so far no one has gotten close to something an average consumer can buy. But, I’m glad they are working on these things, its a step in the right direction, and has a massive list of applications inc gaming.

          • it’s expensive but we’ll see what happens. Hololens can be stand a lone so if they can somehow package it like a stand alone pc sort of deal the cost may look more reasonable

  • They have rather narrow view, really needs to be large viewing angle like 100degree or something. Maybe hololens 2 will have that.

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