Your Favourite Pigeon Dating Simulator Now Has Christmas Hats

Your Favourite Pigeon Dating Simulator Now Has Christmas Hats

I gifted Hatoful Boyfriend to my brother for Christmas last year because I was drunk and thought it was hilarious. He proceeded to do the same thing, and it was just as funny — because you’re dating pigeons.

But now everyone’s favourite avian simulator is a whole lot better. Why? Because it has a sequel and lots of Christmas hats.

It’s called Holiday Star, and it’s a Christmas themed sequel of Hatoful Boyfriend in time for the holidays. Like the original, it was released in Japan a few years ago but it’s since been remastered (HD holiday hats) and localised for English audiences.

Thank God for the Gull Guard

“Dust the snow off your wings and take flight with familiar faces and new friends alike in extraordinary adventures hatched from the whimsical mind of the series creator Hato Moa and developer Mediatonic!”

The description alone makes it silly enough to throw $11.65 on (at the time of writing) as a silly Christmas gift, if you and your giftee have a similar sense of humour to my brother and I.

Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star unlocks on Steam next Tuesday, and the 15% discount will float around until the early hours of Christmas Eve Sydney time (late December 23, possibly midnight for those in Perth) if Steam’s usual timing holds up.


  • I always thought I was a bit weird for wanting to have sex with a pigeon wearing a Santa Hat (as opposed to you ‘normies’ who just want shag regular pigeons).

    Well done to Mediatonic for breaking down this incredibly debilitating social barrier.

  • Thank you, Alex, and I say this unironically.

    I’ve been waiting for Holiday Star for AGES (I was originally under the impression it was due out 2 weeks before MGSV, but then that didn’t happen and it’s been radio silence since.
    Somehow, it finally having a release date slipped my radar completely.

    The original Hatoful Boyfriend is a wonderful game, with quite a few laughs. After have a few runs chasing down various birds, you unlock a rather interesting story. I’d recommend it, maybe especially if you’ve never read a VN before.

    • I think if you’ve never read a VN before, SC2VN is a better way to start — it’s free on Steam, and it’s quite good — but yeah, I think Hatoful Boyfriend is a touch better than most would expect. Not world-breaking or anything, but surprisingly good.

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