2015's Best Gamemaker Games, So Says Gamemaker

Yoyo Games has compiled its favourite Gamemaker games of 2015 into one video, and while it isn't that long, there's definitely some quality there. Check it out for some indie goodness.

At first I was all up in arms, because the high quality, locally made Super Mutant Alien Assault wasn't in the video. Then Alex Walker helpfully pointed out that the game is still in Early Access and hasn't technically been released yet. So I calmed down. Sometimes games are so polished I forget they're Early Access games.

It better be in there next time 'round, though — it even fits the music theme!

There's also the inclusion of Nidhogg, and we're not complaining, but we're pretty sure that was released in 2014. Maybe I won't be too loud about that point. Home team and all that.

As someone who's been using it for a while, I can recommend Gamemaker as a tool to quickly prototype those game ideas in your head. The language it uses is quite like Javascript, after a few slow nights of getting the hang of things, you'll be able to see your vision realised. I'm actually surprised the video isn't longer, as there are a lot of people using it, and a lot of great tutorials on Youtube as well.


    Its amazing how many quality looking games are out there that ui dont even know about...

    It's occasionally worth checking out the GMC forums, there's some great stuff being made and shown off there in the Alpha and Beta sections.

    That video was published on Mar 2, 2015.
    I wouldn't says its indicative of "Games of 2015"

    Rivals of Aether is in early access, by the way. As already pointed out, this was released in early 2015.

    Also, as much as I don't want to sound like THAT guy, it wouldn't be a 2015 highlight reel without Undertale.

      Yeah pretty much. I was surprised by its absence; given how successful its been, it almost feels like a snub.

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