A Dark Souls Comic Book Seems Like A Really Mediocre Idea

So it appears as though there's going to be a Dark Souls comic book, releasing in April this year.

Am I crazy, or does this strike anyone else as sort of a bad idea?

It's being written by George Mann, who has written Doctor Who novels, and drawn by Alan Quah who did art for Godzilla: Awakening.

According to Mann:

I’m ‘dead’ excited to be working on this new series (see what I did, there). Dark Souls has a rich, original universe that’s just begging to be explored in comics, and I’m honoured to have the opportunity to delve in and tell some new stories within it. I’ve been a fan of the games for some time, so it’s a real thrill to be able to contribute to the mythology of the Hollows and their world.

I dunno. Doesn't a Dark Souls comic book — filled with exposition, dialogue and linear story-telling — seem like it goes against everything that Dark Souls stands for?

It's probably (definitely) unfair to judge this comic before it's released but it seems like a pretty bad idea. Unless it's an absolutely gorgeous bit of work with next-to-no dialogue — I guess that would work. One of my favourite mangas of all time is Vagabond. It had almost an entire volume free from dialogue and it was utterly beautiful.

I suppose time will tell. What do you think — is there room for a Dark Souls comic book?



    I think there is, but I wouldn't want it to tell new stories in the universe. I'd want it to flesh out the stories that the games have already touched on. Basically, a prequel comic.

    Nah this could work really well, but obviously it'd be more of a visual thing, with very little dialogue. Needs detailed and moody art to work I reckon, could be a treat.

    Hmmm I'm inclined to agree Mark. A comic book does not seem like the medium to do the series justice

    If it is ridiculously hard to get into with rabid readers belittling non-fans for "not getting it" and being "soft/weak/gay", then it will be the perfect Dark Souls comic...

    I'm waiting for reviews, but I'm remembering the incredibly average comic to promote the (then) upcoming release of Dark Souls 2.

    I think it could work as long as they don't make it a Dark Souls comic. I know that sounds contradictory but what I mean is a comic about the Dark Souls game itself. If they go for another Hollow, in another place, in another time then there is potential but please let there be no deep dialogue and romantic sub plots.

    A Dark Souls comic sounds like a fantastic idea. I love the Souls games, but I want some more history of the worlds we've visited. We have only seen them in their decrepit states past their glory days. Any history to the locations is gained through either the beginning cinematics that give us bare-bones exposition to the world, or through snippets of lore hidden in item descriptions. In the game it was fun to piece the lore together by following the breadcrumbs, but we've really craved for a substantial peek into the history proper.

    They should do an art book. It'd be awesome to see something that isn't half concept sketches rather fleshed out, heavily detailed drawings perhaps area by area. Comic books are shit.

    Is it just going to be multiple pages of a guy running towards the Anor Londo archers and falling off or Ornstein and Smough or accidentally falling off a cliff and then the YOU DIED message taking up the rest of the panels?

    Dark Souls has inspired some of the best fan-art on the web, so taking that kind of inspiration and having it produced as an actual comic, that could end up being pretty damn awesome. You're right about exposition though, but then again, how much of Dark Souls actual lore was told in massive blocks of text? As long as the visuals tell as much story as the dialogue, then I'll be happy.

    I bet that comic would paper cut the shit out of your hands then feed off your pain, suffering and dark oozing blood... but you'd love it.

    I mentioned it in a forum that this is just a cash grab. Not by From Software but rather the western market to milk the franchise.

    Joked on twitter that it should be two panels and then a two page spread saying YOU DIED

    They could have the main character use the giant dad build, problem solved! =P

    OT though, it could have potential, i like comics but trying to capture the feel of DS will be difficult i think.

    If it expands on some of the lore, but none of the in game events it could be pretty good.

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