A Game About Getting To Mars Without Resorting To Cannibalism

Not at all a spoiler: I don't get to Mars in my most recent playthrough of Tharsis, the extremely difficult and very fun dice-based strategy game coming to PC and PS4 this week. This is not a spoiler, because getting to Mars is very hard. Players will fail. A lot. Count on it. In the video here, you'll see me play through one game of Tharsis. In it, I'm faced with many decisions, such as:

  • Should I repair the maintenance bay or the greenhouse?
  • Should I worry if the flight control module is broken?
  • Should I heal my crew's wounds at the cost of stressing everyone out?
  • Should I have my crew eat their deceased fellow astronaut?
  • Should I kill one of my crew so the others can eat him?
A Game About Getting To Mars Without Resorting To Cannibalism

These are important space decisions! And they must be made in this turn-based game as catastrophe after calamity hits en route to Mars.

I don't make it to the Red Planet, but I have fun along the way. Take a look and consider checking this game out when it hits tomorrow. It's from the folks at Choice Provisions. It works well played solo or with friends nearby as you debate which terrible choice to face up to next.


    I'm sure NASA would be happy to have traveling to mars reduced to this level of difficulty!

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