A New Tool On Greenlight Cleans Out Your Steam, GOG And Origin Cache

A New Tool On Greenlight Cleans Out Your Steam, GOG And Origin Cache

You’d think this would be the kind of functionality that was built into each of the various digital distribution platforms. But as it turns out, they actually leave an awful lot of junk lying around on your hard drive.

And it’s not just Steam. Uplay, Origin, GOG Galaxy, Desura — they all do it. So someone’s trying to get a tool Greenlit that will clear all that junk out.

It’s called Steam Cleaner, a plain name for a fairly plain tool. It’s designed to wipe out the following:

Additional software packages; Old logs; Cache; Unused user profile files; Leftover game files.

Of course, it’s not the first application to offer such a service. Readers might be familiar with the TikiOne Steam Cleaner from Jonathan Lermitage that efficiently performs the same service, and it’s available to download for free via Github now.

But the main advantage with Steam Cleaner is its support for the other distribution platforms. Battle.net, Desura, Origin, GOG Galaxy, Uplay and Steam are all supported, and you can download a beta version of the program through the Dropbox links posted on the Steam announcements.


  • Definitely something I’ll be keeping an eye on. I’ve recently grabbed a 500Gb SSD, and still have a fair bit of free space (what with only BF4, Far Cry 4, The Division beta, and applications installed) but it’d still be nice to stay on top of keeping it clean.

  • I’d rather write up a batch, I don’t trust applications to do it for me. i.e. ccleaner

    • As I said to you on Twitter, I’m having a look into this (although I should stress that it is the weekend Australian time and I’m already dedicating half of that to working, so there may be some time lag).

      However, from what you’ve posted and the Github libraries of your product and the times the Dropbox files were uploaded in this Greenlit campaign, it’s difficult to see how your code was stolen or plagiarised. You also admitted in a podcast that this other developer introduced support for Desura, something you’d forgotten to do, which strengthens the idea that these two projects aren’t ripping off of each so much as battling for public profile.

      The original reddit thread was locked by a moderator for “witch hunting” and creating unnecessary drama as well: do you have any response to that, or the allegations the other Steam Cleaner developer raised in his comparison of your code (here – https://www.dropbox.com/s/li9gcsw2ksryt5o/rep_steam_eng.txt?dl=0) ?

      • the original reddit thread was locked because the Russian developer had it brigaded with outside sources, witch hunting ME, not the other way around.

        Am I honestly having to defend this?

        Both tools are written in the same langauge

        Jan 7 – codeusasoft publishes inital commit on the SteamCleaner page and does a source push.
        Jan 12 – codeusasoft adds GOG & Origin support
        Jan 13 – codeusasoft adds uPlay support
        Jan 14 – zamuta comes out of hibernation – the last update was in October, 2015. A public version of his program is posted.
        Jan 16 – codeusasoft adds battle.net support
        Jan 17 – zamuta adds GOG & Origin support
        Jan 18 – zamuta adds Uplay, BattleNET, Desura (???) support
        Jan 21 – codeusasoft adds Desura support

        The Desura support he “claims is stolen” is so easily written other developers have laughed it off, while in the meantime you can see right here https://github.com/Codeusa/SteamCleaner/blob/master/SteamCleaner/Clients/Desura.cs that they don’t match.

        you want to go a step further? Already peaked through the assembly to find entire logic flowers ripped right from my application, in direct violation of my license. Not to mention this developer filed his false DMCA, used brigades to silence people pointing out his malicious behavior and let us not forget, the fact I already pointed out that he straight up ripped code right off our assembly before he realized it as open source


        The fact you claim “oh he added one before is just silly, meanwhile I added 8 different clients before he did and he up and added most of them a few days after i pushed open source commits.

        The fact stands this developer has been using malicious means to promote an otherwise unoriginal application.

        Me, someone who builds tons of tools for pc gaming vs some random guy. Whose word is stronger here?

  • I looked and there is this on there “Note: a DMCA takedown notice has been filed on this item.”

    Looks like its days are numbered before they begin.

  • “unoriginal application” – You’re the last person to talk about unoriginal application.

    Alex Walker hit it right on the head, this is just a battle for public profile and you’re in desperation mode Andrew. Alex Walker it’s awesome that you actually did research on this – if you look further into it you will see that Jack Snow guy aka Andrew is a liar – https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/434m2r/the_developer_that_made_steam_cleaner_borderless/

    The Russian developers Steam Cleaner was put on Steam Greenlight 4 months ago, you just made your unoriginal tool 20 something days ago – and you’re just pissy because you didn’t think you would get caught.

    Oh and by the way, the Russian developer said his Steam Cleaner WILL BE FREE ON STEAM – unlike yours where you will be charging money for it on Steam. Proof of this = http://i.imgur.com/ln7CuAt.png

  • You’re a hypocrite.

    You stated there were 6 Steam Cleaner tools before his so he is unoriginal for making another one… But then what did you do? YOU MADE ONE YOURSELF AFTER HIS. So there were 7 Steam cleaner tools before yours.

    You’re such a hypocrite and contradict yourself so much you filed your own false DMCA towards him from the looks of it – LMAO.

    He has stated that his Steam Cleaner tool WILL BE FREEon Steam, while you have said that your Steam Cleaner tool will NOT be free on Steam.

    He started his Steam Greenlight campaign 4 months ago, you started it a few weeks ago.

    Side note: Even your tool Borderless Gaming is unoriginal – https://steamcommunity.com/groups/WindowedBorderlessGaming

    Stop lying and saying that nobody knew about his Steam Greenlight campaign and it had no votes – the truth of the matter is people did know and it did have votes…it is RANKED #7 out of all 212 Steam software greenlight campaigns currently.

    The only difference between yours and his is that yours is open-source, does that make it better? no. does that make you a better person than him? no.


    He began the development of Steam Cleaner before you

    He launched a Steam Greenlight Campaign for Steam Cleaner before you

    You launched a Steam Greenlight Campaign 20 days ago using the SAME software name as his

    You stole his Desura code

    You also insulted a whole country and Russian developers – http://i.imgur.com/TnLkqtX.jpeg

    You’re such a thief that the RIAA has sued you for $3m USD

    You’re such a deceitful person you purchased fake Twitter followers https://www.twitteraudit.com/andrewmd5

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