A Rick And Morty Game That Looks Like Pokemon Comes Out Next Week

I don't know precisely how close the comparison is, but it's pretty obvious that it's what is Adult Swim going for.

Image courtesy of YouTube

According to a Tweet that went out earlier this morning, it's a free-to-play mobile game from Adult Swim called Pocket Mortys. Launching on January 14 for Android, iPhone and iPad, the game appears to pit Rick and his collection of Morty's against, well, other Rick and Morty's.

Adult Swim, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland (the latter two being the creators and main voices behind the show) haven't revealed any details about how the game works, but it seems pretty obvious where the game is taking it's cues.

And, hey, it's free. I'd play any free Rick and Morty game on the train. But one that pulls from Pokemon? I'm in. Wonder what Nintendo thinks of it all.


    Pokémorty eh? Seems like fun. I wanna get a Scruffy Morty.

    Wonder what Nintendo thinks of it all.

    "Nintendo! Send me free stuff!"

    I just hope I get to play as Mr Meeseeks!

    Last edited 06/01/16 9:53 pm

    "that it’s what Adult Swim is going for." NOT "that it’s what is Adult Swim going for"

    How hard is it?

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