A Video For People Who Hate Multiplayer Games

A Video For People Who Hate Multiplayer Games

Look, on some level we all hate multiplayer games, but if you’re one of those people who only like to indulge in single player experiences then this video is for you.

In this video: 80+ video games set for release in 2016 that are single player only.

It’s actually a super good mix of games you’ve most likely already heard of, games you’d kinda forgotten about, and games you didn’t even know existed.

In other words, it’s a great list.

It was put together by the good folks at Only Single Player, a website devoted to single player games.


  • Can someone do this for linear games also for those of us who hate open world games. I know the whole industry is loving open world/sandbox but I have no time for such games with my job /life. I just want a story arc that is pre decided that I follow with…. no need for me to make decisions about my character and the plotline (which to be honest do not immerse me into the game but instead pull me out as they don’t feel natural half the time), confusion when i return to the game after an extended period about where I am going or what I need to do and avoids hours of mindless travel time, terrible small side quests, inventory management or other poor tasks

    The Last of Us was a God send. Need more of this.

    Cheerssssssss 😛

  • I am too time poor for online multiplayer now, by the time I get to it the community has either moved on, or my skill set is so far behind that I just get killed immediately and it is no fun at all.
    Multiplayer in the same room however, via splitscreen or lan-link is awesome.

    Single player campaigns with great stories and great action are what I really enjoy, didn’t know the website existed, that is great news!

  • I mostly play multiplayer these days due to a time factor. Single player games require a substantial time investment. Its hard to get involved in a single player story if you only get to play maybe an hour a day, and you sometimes make zero progress.

    Where as with multiplayer, I can get quite a bit of enjoyment out of that same 1 hour time frame and even less, like a quick match of Rainow Six or CS:GO can get me my gaming fix done quickly.

    I love single player, its just getting harder these days to find time to sit down and really get into them.

    • I just recently finished The Witcher 3 main story, after buying it at release. Similar problem with time. Although I find multiplayer games to be the more difficult to participate because me and my friends are out of sync.

      Played Destiny very slowly to reach level 30, and everyone had moved on. Didn’t even get to do a single Crucible. lol.

    • The problem I find with multiplayer though is that in many cases (ie most/all of hte FPS games) if you don’t get in there early (as in at launch) and hammer it pretty hard, you quickly get left behind and end up running around under-equipped against people who have unlocked everything. At least with single player I can play at my own pace – if I don’t play it for 2 weeks, I won’t be at a disadvantage when I come back to it.

  • I’ve just started Mass Effect 3 multiplayer again and it’s good to know that getting games is still super easy, even almost four years after release.

    I dabble in multiplayer generally but for the most part I like single player. It’s like a good book or TV series for me.

  • I like the convenience of single player. You can pause the game and make yourself a snack or drink and get straight back into the game when it suits you. I see no time issue with single player.

  • It’s not strictly single player only games, is it? Uncharted 4 is on there and I know for a fact that has multiplayer. Of course as far as I’m concerned it might as well be single player only, but still… 😛

  • There is no I in team… but there is one in multiplayer. Hard to be in a team when you dont know the other players motives or trust their actions. Cheaters, AFKers, Ragequitters, Bots… ruin the game. There is no such thing as fair play or sportsmanship in multiplayers

  • That’s a really great list. I liked the mixes they played to accompany it, too.

    I’ll be very surprised if even a third of those titles actually come out in 2016, though.

  • There’s no way a decent chunk of those games end up coming out this year, but dumb it if you didn’t just add about 40 more games to then “looking forward to” list. Some of those games that I’ve never heard of look super cool!

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