Activision Sued By Resistance Leader Jonas Savimbi’s Children

Briefly: The children of Angolan resistance leader Jonas Savimbi are suing Activision over their father’s portrayal in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. They’re unhappy with the game making him out to be a “barbarian”, they say in the suit.


  • Is this just a problem in games? I can’t remember people suing for poor movie portrayals. Though I’d love to hear of examples if I’m mistaken.

    • The real life guy who was the inspiration for the “Soup Nazi” in Seinfeld sued the producers of that show over his portrayal in the show. I think it was mainly to do with the use of the word “Nazi”.

    • Well just recently Jerry Heller threatened legal action against his portrayal in Straight outta compton
      Médecins Sans Frontières sued Bollywood film (but that was more a safety issue apparently)
      The crew from the ship that Captain Phillips is based on sued for their portrayal and the fact that Phillips was made out to be a hero and savior when they feel he deliberately put them in harms way to save a buck

    • Not suing as such, but people often try to get court injuctions to prevent television biopics being aired or unauthorised biographies being printed.

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