Adam Sandler’s Pixels Gets A Bumper ‘Everything Wrong With’ Episode

Adam Sandler’s Pixels Gets A Bumper ‘Everything Wrong With’ Episode

CinemaSins is usually able to cram its “everything wrong” lists into 15 minutes or less, with a certain Transformers movie being a notable exception with not one, but two 16-minute clips. While the channel’s take on Adam Sandler’s Pixels doesn’t reach these lofty heights, it pushes the upper limits at a chunky 20 minutes.

I’m going to take a guess and say more than a few people reading this have yet to see the film — me included. This video certainly won’t compel you to do so and if you’re even considering a viewing, this is the only tonic you need.

Maybe, just maybe, it’ll be good fodder for a bad movie marathon, but even then you’d just be left annoyed at all the missed opportunities and potential.

Everything Wrong With Pixels In Super Lots Of Minutes [YouTube]


    • It was so awful. It’s very difficult to overstate just how awful. Not even Stanley Tucci could save it.

      …Of course, I really enjoyed it.

  • I actually loved his movie classic 80’s feel good flick great visuals brilliant sound track thought it was a fun holiday movie to watch.

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