Adam Sandler's Pixels Gets A Bumper 'Everything Wrong With' Episode

CinemaSins is usually able to cram its "everything wrong" lists into 15 minutes or less, with a certain Transformers movie being a notable exception with not one, but two 16-minute clips. While the channel's take on Adam Sandler's Pixels doesn't reach these lofty heights, it pushes the upper limits at a chunky 20 minutes.

I'm going to take a guess and say more than a few people reading this have yet to see the film — me included. This video certainly won't compel you to do so and if you're even considering a viewing, this is the only tonic you need.

Maybe, just maybe, it'll be good fodder for a bad movie marathon, but even then you'd just be left annoyed at all the missed opportunities and potential.

Everything Wrong With Pixels In Super Lots Of Minutes [YouTube]


    Glad i never saw this train-crash of a movie. From this video it looked like it was worse than i thought.

    The part 2 of their Age of Extinction video is glorious. Damn that movie was fucking awful...

      You are of course, underselling its awfulness but yes, it was fucking awful indeed lol

      It was so awful. It's very difficult to overstate just how awful. Not even Stanley Tucci could save it.

      ...Of course, I really enjoyed it.

    I actually loved his movie classic 80's feel good flick great visuals brilliant sound track thought it was a fun holiday movie to watch.

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