ADR1FT Has Simultaneous VR And Non-VR Launch In March

If you've been keeping an eye on what some people have been terming "Gravity: The Video Game", then I've got news for you. You won't have to wait too much longer for a full release.

It's being marketed as a first-person experience (FPX), an apt term for the oncoming wave of VR-ready titles we'll see over the next few years. But ADR1FT is much more than that: it's also the product of creator Adam Orth's experience that Stephen covered in an interview back in 2014.

But those days are long past and what's left is ADR1FT and its gentle, spacewalking experience. If you've been waiting to pick it up, Orth announced all the details this morning in this Tweet below.

The game is also debuting as a launch title for the Oculus Rift, which makes sense given that pre-orders of the VR device won't ship until May. Orth also posted a screenshot of some floating space debris prior to the beginning of CES, which helps illustrate what players can expect:

Alternatively, you can just watch the latest gameplay trailer below.


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