And The Winner Of Heroes Rising Is…

And The Winner Of Heroes Rising Is…

I won’t spoil anything until past the jump for those wanting to watch the first crowdfunded HOTS tournament later. Congratulations to…

Very well done to Bob Ross Fan Club, the patchwork team made of experienced players which other pro teams decided to offload. BRFC might be new, but the players certainly aren’t, and they’re obviously gelling well together to be able to beat Cloud 9 in the final.

Showcasing just how strange play can be in Heroes of the Storm, what with its bonkers heroes and heavily shifting meta, teams in the competition went back and forth between close matches and dominant displays either way. It was a hard tournament to make predictions in.

Cloud 9 went up by two games in the grand final, and it was looking like yet another dominant final display by the world champions, who are known for playing their best when it matters. But somehow, BRFC managed to win the next three games and the whole tournament.

Part of that success had to do with stealing Falstad, and “gusting Cloud 9 players around a bit”, which was exactly what Cloud 9 was trying to do to them. Happily, the tournament wasn’t brought down too much by the meta, which has been a bit stale for two months, ever since some large scaling changes were brought into play. The pick/ban numbers will be heavily skewed towards the meta heroes, but there was greater diversity than expected.

Well done to the winners.


  • “I won’t spoil anything until past the jump”
    What a fuckin legend this guy is, ey?

  • Good man, Junglist. This is a much better attitude to have about results than the one Yannick LeJacq posted a while back.

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