Assassin's Creed Syndicate Had 2015's Best In-Game Map

Let us praise a thing that matters a lot in video games: the quality of an in-game map. Zooming in, let us heap praise upon 2015's most magnificent in-game map, the one that appeared in Assassin's Creed Syndicate. The video above is all the proof you need. This map is great. Shall we count the reasons why?

  1. It presents the entire game world in a clean, easily scannable format...and then presents that world in greater detail when you zoom in.
  2. It loads from a single button press, obeying the second commandment of video game menus. (If only The Witcher 3 was so righteous.)
  3. It loads quickly no matter where you are in the sprawling open-world game to which it is attached.
  4. It does all of the above while functioning in three dimensions, displaying danger zones as well as numerous recognisable landmarks all with a sense of proper verticality — a key trait for a gaming that is all about climbing over tall buildings.
  5. It's pretty.

I have a colleague who believes that Assassin's Creed Syndicate is the greatest Assassin's Creed game. I cannot go that far. But if anyone told me that Assassin's Creed Syndicate had the best map of any Assassin's Creed game and also had the best map of any game in 2015, I would shake their hand and tell them I agreed with them 100 per cent.


    Witcher 3 obeys the commandment on PS4 if you "swipe up" on the touchpad.

    100% agree. Game was damn good but hopefully they return combat to Black Flags style...

    You can load straight to the map in The Witcher 3 by holding the menu button, which is a single button press!

    I completely disagree, I think showing full colour 3D buildings made the map very clustered and information heavy when looking for icons, and it didn't look particularly pretty either in my opinion. If i had to pick a best map, i'd say probably Witcher 3, just because it fit the lore, and showed all the information it required, and no more.

      I agree that The Witcher 3's map fit the lore of the series well, but it had a major issue in how long it took to bring up, it wasn't very instant in both bringing up the player menu, and then the map. The fact that you have to go through a menu first could be a little more forgivable if they were loaded quicker, but that wasn't the case (on PS4 anyway).

    I just finished this game today. I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I had lowered expectations after how disappointing Unity was, but instead found myself considering it as one of my favourites in the series, I would only rate it lower than AC2 and AC4: Black Flag. The grappling hook and carriage riding were very welcome additions to the series. They managed to get a lot of variety out of the city, despite it being similar to Unity's Paris in that it was entirely buildings with little in terms of natural environments. The 'Lydia' section (won't elaborate so as not to spoil for those who haven't played the game yet) was a nice surprise too, a bit of fleshing out in some areas (story/characters, gameplay and map size) and it could have been a decent DLC package, in fact I'm amazed Ubisoft didn't already just make it DLC, just because they could have to make more money.

    Not without it's faults though, the grappling hook took a lot away from parkour, which I feel has more to do with much of the city design encouraging grappling hook use than parkour. The modern day stuff also feels very disjointed, as it has since the end of AC3. As much as I know many feel the modern day story was a weakness, the series was far more cohesive when it had Desmond as a central figure in the modern day.

    To stay a little on topic with the article, the map was great. Easily one of the best examples of how to do a map in games. I especially liked it having it's own button from gameplay and that it could load back and forth rather quick.

      The grapnel really helped the game I felt. It was such a logical weapon for an assassin to have, it really surprised me that they never had something like that, even a grappling hook, prior to this.

      I couldn't stand the carriage sections... and the kidnapping templar side activities were almost as bad as tailing missions.

      Other than that it's possibly my favourite AC game.
      And Evie is most definitely my favourite AC protagonist.

    Someone didn't do their research... Pressing "M" brings up the map in the Witcher 3 instantly.

    Eh, it's not perfect.

    You can't zoom out to a high enough level and I have way too much trouble hunting out the train whenever I want to make a safe withdrawal.

    Loved the map but I would like a serious word with world designer. Given how faithful (sorta to a degree) Unity was to the real Paris I cant believe they couldnt even put Whitechapel where it is supposed to be. Seriously, how can it be north of the City when even in the story it is referred to as the East End and how could they screw up the Spitalfields markets/Ten Bells/Christchurch/ site of the fifth Ripper murder. Now I havent got the Ripper DLC yet to know if they changed it but it seems silly not to be faithful to that iconic intersection.

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