Big Changes Are Coming For Season 3 Of Smite

While we're watching the last stages of the Smite World Championships from Atlanta, Hi Rez used the opportunity to announce some big upcoming additions for the next season — some of which will be implemented almost immediately.

Australian team Avant Garde didn't do too well in the competition, but Smite players will still be happy with some of these changes. As a man with a crippling HOTS addiction, I can only wish my MOBA were releasing meaningful updates like this.

This next season of Smite will introduce the Japanese pantheon, starting with Amaterasu, who some people will know from the game Okami (or, afterwards, Marvel vs Capcom 3). The really cool news is that PC players will see Amaterasu sometime this Wednesday.

The below video talks a little bit about how she plays:

Also incoming is a new Joust map, allowing you to 3v3 in a more Chinese themed environment. Heavily stylised teaser below:

Finally, there's a bit of cross-promotion between Smite and Hi Rez's new mobile game, Jetpack Fighter, in which the swipey-swipe protagonist can swap skins with Nemesis. There's a trailer for Jetpack Fighter here — it looks a bit meh, but it's free on iOS and available to try now.


    I've played a little bit of SMITE - its quite involved. The older Mobas that have the cash shop have always bothered me, hence why I play HotS - but I will say, Hi-Rez make some great skins, and the new theme map looks cool.

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