Biting A Leather Couch On Japanese TV To See If It's Chocolate

Biting a Leather Sofa on Japanese TV To See If It's Chocolate

It's that time again! Time for Japanese New Year's television to have a panel of celebrity guests bite into things to see if they are made of chocolate or candy. In Japanese, these are "sokkuri sweets" (そっくりスイーツ), with "sokkuri" meaning "looks like" or "spitting image."

So, is this a leather chair or a chocolate chair? Watch the clip to find out.

What about this? Is this a hotel room key or a sweets key?

How about this window?

D'oh. Better luck next year, kiddo!

Top image: 日本テレビ | ウルトラマンDASH via 黒焼魚


    Please, Brian, enlighten me as to how this is video game related? Or, you know.. Relevant to anything, ever.

      They're bringing Chocolate Furniture to the Sims 4. it'll improve Comfort, Happiness and Hunger.

      Careful, last time i asked kotaku that i got my post removed and a stern warning buddy

        Like, this isn't even the first time this type of thing has been posted. By the same author.

        Seriously Brian. What the hell are you thinking? How do you have this job? I am genuinely curious, you add NOTHING of value here.

      Guess ill stick up for him,
      Correct me if i'm wrong but this is posted in the "In Real Life" section. Kotaku isn't just about video games its also about entertainment in general. From Brian's other post's I can see that its mainly Japanese culture he posts on. This website's name "Kotaku" is derived from the word "Otaku" here is a link for you to clarify what that means:

        Agreed. Seriously, is it really hard to just gloss over stuff you don't actually want to read? No need to beat the guy up. He's got his passions that he chooses to write about, if they are of no interest to you then "live and let live" right?

      People who have to ask questions motivated by excessive ignorance and immaturity generally don't deserve an answer. Don't punish others because no one ever taught you what assumption was. It's like kids with no education arbitrarily think the more rhetorical the question, the more legit their perspective.

      Last edited 05/01/16 12:41 pm

    The site is free, you're not paying a subscription, so if you don't like an article simply apply a slight amount of pressure to your smart phones screen and gently slide your finger upwards to proceed.

    Personally, my wife and I both got a laugh out of the video of the lady eating the armchair, so carry on Brian.

    Agreed, one of the reasons I come to this site is for the snippets of Japanese life and culture. I enjoy them immensely and remind me of times there. So keep it up Brian.

    The eSports headline spoilers are another matter though.

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