Bungie's President Steps Down, New Chief Executive Appointed

There's been a shuffle among the top ranks of Bungie this morning, with the studio announcing the departure of their president and the introduction of a new CEO.

In a post on their website, Bungie's executive board said studio president Harold Ryan would be "stepping down from his position". No further information was given about the reason for the move, although the new chief executive, Pete Parsons, wanted to iterate that Destiny was a "one-of-a-kind experience" and that players have not yet enjoyed Bungie's "best work".

"My new role here at the studio will be entirely focused on fulfilling that promise," Parsons added in a short statement.

Ryan's first jobs in gaming included working as a configuration and QA tester, and he was credited as the test manager on the original Halo. Ryan became a studio manager at Bungie in 2006 before eventually becoming the president of Bungie in 2008.

The former CEO was inadvertently brought into the spotlight last year, however, as part of proceedings brought against Bungie by Martin O'Donnell. It was reported in 2014 that Ryan was ordered to pay just over US$95,000 for unpaid work, holiday leave, penalties and legal fees after O'Donnell was fired "without cause".


    I was going to say congratulations to Nolan North but hey good thing I read the story first.

    Hmm. Interesting to see what Parsons' relationship is like with Phil Spencer (in his old capacity at MS Studios). I wonder if P3 will make a pitch to snatch Destiny (when they're out of contract) to fill the void left from the COD exodus.

    A cynic in me says that when a CEO steps down willingly, he/she says parting words. When a CEO is fired, the new CEO makes a statement.

      You red that on Reddit yesterday, you didn't come up with that. About as astute as a cantaloupe.

    First they brought in Nolan North to do voicework in Destiny now they have a new Chief Executive called Pete Parsons. Is Bungie trying to become a Marvel comic?

    "You haven't seen Bungies best work yet"

    ...yeah, I think we have. Its all micro transactions from here on.

      Funny thing is, the new CEO actually admitted that Destiny is one of their worst with that statement.

      I think that game was called Halo.

        they have changed there game model since marthon(halo is just a clone of it)

    How much did Activision charge him to quit his job?

    Honestly, I don't care anymore. It's a good game, but Bungie ruined it...

    After over a year of playing it, I've given up. Let me know when they have connection priority, dedicated servers and a plan for expansions rather than limited time events.

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