Deadpool Wants To Wish You A Happy Australia Day

As marketing stunts go, this one is pretty funny.

Well not funny, but kinda cool.

Australia Day is this Tuesday but Deadpool has gotten in early, sending this message to all Australians.

And yes, he mentions putting shrimps on barbies.


    Man, that accent was rough...

    I swear, at times it was swinging between Irish and South African.

    Aside from that, the marketing for this film has been excellent.

      Our accent is a tough nut to crack. Though I reckon Nicholas Hoult did alright in Fury Road.

        I can't even do it right and I've been practicing for 44 years

          Hahaha move to Queensland. It gets tempered by the beer, and heat.

      Yeah, not often you find an American with a believable Aussie accent. Still, doesn't matter much here, not really the point with Deadpool poking fun and all.

      On a side note, worst imitated Aussie accent - the policeman at the end of Point Break when Swayze is paddling out to his doom at Bells Beach.

        We'll git him when he comes back iiiinnn.

          He's not coming back. *Fade to credits*

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        I'll see you and raise you:
        Claire's mother on Lost

        Liev Schrieber perfectly nailed it in Mental. Couldn't believe how authentic it was :O

        The Striker Eureka pilots from Pacific Rim were pretty poor too, the son mostly.

      In this case I'm not sure it's meant to be accurate, though I agree that it's doubtful he'd be able to do a convincing one.

      I actually figured it was like someone putting on a thick fake Indian accent in conversation while being borderline racist, it's meant to be a poor impression without any thought for the culture behind.

      And unrelated to your point, we started the whole "shrimp on the barbie" thing, we can't keep blaming Americans for saying it.

      Though again I have the feeling the makers of this knew precisely that we don't say that :-P

    I'm still on my Ryan Renolds boycott, running 5.5 years strong. I won't be seeing this movie.

      May I inquire as to why?

        In 2009 he said he didn't play video games and insinuated they were a waste of time. That's his opinion which is fine. I enjoy games and think they are more then that, while also some being fun to waste time, that's mine. Thought I'd take the high road and not boycott movies, but only anything Ryan Reynolds is in. Which 90% of the time they aren't movies I'd watch anyway *Romantic Comedies*.

        Last movie would have been X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which was released the same year and already had me pretty dark.

          that's pretty fun that you'd boycott someone over their opinion of something minor like video games (unless you work in the industry)

          "thought I'd take the high road and not boycott movies"

          ... you actually contemplated boycotting movies entirely... because one actor said they didn't like video games?

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          honestly that sounds petty and idiotic. Oh noes someone doesnt enjoy something I like doing with my spare time!

          If it was something along the lines of he thinks the Nazi's had some great ideas, and that ISIS is the greatest thing to happen to the world since the 1940's then yea I could understand boycotting him... but over video games?

      For some reason, I believe this movie has incredible potential. I think the script and the direction has a lot to do with how Ryan Renolds performs. I think this is the character he was born to play.

      He isn't exactly funny, he is hiding pain. He is transforming pain and misery into hope by killing lots of bad guys.

      I love Vin Diesel's (portrayal of) Riddick , but I don't much like him in most other characters.

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        I love Vin Diesel's Riddick , but I don't much like him in most other characters.

        O_o Wait what?

          Yes. I liked it. what's wrong?
          (I meant Riddick the character, not the 3rd movie, the first 2 movies blew me away) Pitch Black is one of my go to, Die Hard type movies.

          Last edited 22/01/16 1:02 pm

            No no it's not that I misread it lol. For a moment it didn't make sense but now you clarified it, it makes sense and I whole heartedly agree :) Part of the issue of his strange naming policy with his movies lol

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            It is massively under-rated.

      I'm not on a boycott, but I don't blame you. Reynolds has a lot of misses, especially in comic book movies.

        Eh, looking at those situations though, he was the least of the issues in Green Lantern and Wolverine. GL he was just purely miscast, DC shat the bed in EVERY single respect with that film. Not one single thing came together properly there, it was a total clusterf***. And Wolverine... wow. Where to start...

          Blade 3; the whole cast seemed to flinch every time they puked up a line from the horribly written script

            Yep, Reynolds has nothing good to say about that movie, he ESPECIALLY has nothing good to say about Wesley Snipes, he hated working with him on that.

          The fact he agrees to do those movies tells me that while he means well, he either needs to have a new agent or he doesn't know a good script from a bad one. And it's not only comic book movies. Though that buried movie was decent

            Perhaps he just really likes getting paid money?

        He was good in The Voices. But it seems really oddball style movies suit him for some reason.

      I'm the opposite. I'll watch outright offensively bad movies who don't deserve my money JUST to see Ryan Reynolds. He's so dreamy.

    The had a screening in Brooklyn recently and everyone raved about how good it was. I WANT TO BELIEVE!

    If this lives up to the hype and i sure as hell want it to, Ryan Reynolds is going to be forever known as Deadpool, just lIke how RDJ will forever been known as Tony Stark

    I saw a trailer for this movie before the Hateful Eight (which was brilliant).

    It looks like 2 hours of cheesy, try-hard always-on comedy with “edgy” over the top violence. Kinda like Jim Carey playing Mask but set over an entire superhero film.
    I’ve been wrong about trailers before, but it looked f*cking awful.

    I kept thinking it was an Anchorman preview.

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    Oh god not the shrimp again...

    still pretty funny... yeah I hate those hats too.

      I think it was a nod to acknowleding that no-one actually says it here.

        I was in the states last year, and the whole shrimp and barbie thing definitely reared it's outdated head in several instances of conversation... :P

    LOL... the only thing in Australia Not trying to kill you (Other than volcanoes), is the Native Australian Bush Bee.

    The Bush bee is Harmless (unlike them euro bee's).

      Tell that to the one I nearly choked to death on.

    Didn't Will Ferrell do something similar to promote Anchorman 2??

    Enough of Deadpool already Reynolds, the real fans want Van Wilder 3!

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