Ark: Survival Evolved Developers Announce Xbox One Split-Screen Support

Briefly: Despite reports that Ark: Survival Evolved runs crappy on Xbox One, the developers have announced it's getting split-screen support, which is cool! It's not clear when split-screen will be patched into the game, but hopefully it comes alongside some other performance improvements. More split-screen!


    Should they really be doing this when it's only hitting such low framerates at this point with 1 player???

      Prepare yourself for Turok 2 levels of split screen distance fog.

        Man, that's gonna be bad. I love Ark so much but I would not be able to play in that situation...

        I was just thinking that, also much like a N64 game, you can't deny they have heart. ;)

    So... The game will be 100% unplayable? Great. Here's the problem:
    The game runs like shit as a single view. To do split screen they have to render everything per player.
    Bad move for the devs.

      So 5 to 10 fps each? (First thing that came to mind reading the headline)

      My game runs fine literally close to 50-60 fps and I've never had a rendering problem

    I cant even play it the way it is now.
    The jaggies are intense.

    Significantly worse than playing games on my old PS3.

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