Destiny's Nightfall Is Totally Broken

Destiny's Nightfall Is Totally Broken

These days, there aren't a ton of reasons to bother with the Nightfall in Destiny, a video game about the power of true friendship. But if for some reason you do decide to take on this week's Nightfall challenge, you won't make it very far. Around halfway through the strike — The Sunless Cell, if you're curious — after clearing out a few waves of Hive and Taken, you'll find that one of the doors simply won't open. You can't make any more progress. You won't get anything. All you can do is leave.

Bungie says they're aware of this ridiculous bug — which I checked out and confirmed this morning — and are "investigating."

Things have been buggier than ever in Destiny-land. Players have reported all sorts of glitches in the Crucible: lag, dead bodies floating everywhere, shotguns being super overpowered (which might just be a feature).


    tl;dr Destiny being Destiny.

      Typical budget game issues. If they put a bit of money into this game I'm sure they could fix it.


    After spending a pretty hardcore 2 weeks since Christmas with Destiny, I've pretty much ran out of a ton of reasons to bother with Destiny, period.

    And yet I seem to keep going back. Maybe I'm in one of those 5 stages of disappointment you guys mentioned not long ago..

      Ever watch that south park episode with the video game chasing the dragon?

        YES AND I FREAKING LOVE IT! Now I am going to go watch it.

    It's fixed. Just ran 3 Nightfalls and got some shitty ghosts and a crap fusion rifle. It's working as intended.

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