Diablo III Has Hooked Me Again

I thought I was done playing Diablo III, a game I happily zipped through as a demon hunter when it came out on PS4. I played with friends, cleared the story, hit level 70, barely understood what Adventure Mode and Paragon Points were and put it down. That was more than a year ago. Here in early 2016, I'm playing again thanks to a couple of significant patches and a much better understanding about how to get the most out of the game. In fact, Diablo III is probably my second-most-played game of 2016. This is after I'd not played it for about a year. I've been digging it enough that I figured I'd make a video for any fellow casual, lapsed Diablo III players to show off some of what's new but also to explain some of the old systems I'd failed to understand the first time around. (Hint: keep playing your highest-level character!)

If you're an expert, much of what's in the video above will seem obvious. But if you're fairly fresh to the series or have a copy of Diablo III sitting around that you haven't thought about in a while, hopefully this will help. I also recommend checking out our recent tips for the newly-updated game.


    I finished D3 last year, took a break. Finished ROS this year with the plan to get a few trophies and stop. Over 6 hours later I found myself still playing. The game is pretty fun and the increased drop rate for loot makes the game fun to play because you know you are pretty likely to get a new legendary piece of gear.
    Now just to complete hardcore for its trophies....

    The vanilla Diablo 3 was a good game, but didnt have the legs to keep going month after month after month. There just wasnt any variety in what you did. The Reaper Of Souls expansion changed that, and to their credit, they havent stopped there.

    Adventure mode and paragon points were just the start. Rifts, bounties, greater rifts, seasons, new sets... All those things just added to the experience, and while they were all just ways to do the same thing - farm for loot, improve your character, rinse & repeat - the diversity worked.

    And along the way, it gave a new way to measure how well you were going way beyond the initial claim that Torment difficulty would be for the rare foolhardy few... Its been very impressive how they've kept the game relevant and enjoyable.

    For me personally, I get distracted quite easily with games. There are just so many shinies out there to play, the smallest thing can see me put a game down and move on, so the fact I keep going back to D3 is telling.

    I just can’t get into pointless levelling anymore the way I could when Diablo I and II were new (and for a few years afterwards).
    I finished the actual content and really enjoyed Diablo III, but I really don’t care about playing the same levels again doing the same thing to enemies with higher numbers using items that also have higher numbers.

    I blame a combination of me being more time-poor and the average size of other games on the market being bigger, but most of all it’s just that so many games have levelling these days that the addiction has worn off. Shooters, RTS, racing games, sports games, every “addictive” mobile game on the planet…. It’s all just pointless levelling overload!

      What do you mean by that? Is it just the purely repetitive nature of D3, or doing the actual storyline over and over with the same path, same bosses, in the same dungeons sort of thing?

      Reason I'm asking is that depending on when you're basing the opinion, the game has moved on considerably to disguise the repetition. Its still very much there, its the core of the game and always has been, but its not just running the same single boss over and over and over because its the most practical farming method.

      What you would have seen in the original game instantly disappeared the moment the expansion dropped. And what you saw in the expansion has been added to on several occasions, expanding the basics of adventure mode, with the greater rifts, seasons, a couple of more zones, and dungeons specifically designed to test how well you know the set you're based on.

      Not bad for free.

        I mean there’s no overarching narrative with a beginning and an end that furthers the story once you’ve completed the main quests and the expansion.

        I get that there’s more variety in the enemies, and the rifts and other additions are cool too. I’m just speaking for myself when I say that I’m not going to keep playing indefinitely purely for the purpose of making my character stronger the way I did in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s. The addictive hook that kept me playing isn’t as strong as it was then and I don’t think it’s because of a flaw with Diablo III (I would have messed my pants at the idea of free seasons and running updates for Diablo II), I’m guessing it’s because of the factors I listed above.

        I still love Diablo, I just can’t justify forgoing games like The Witcher, Fallout 4 ect that are also epic timesinks purely for the purpose of levelling a character for a game I’ve essentially “finished”. Once upon a time I don’t think I would have felt I had the choice…. I would have given up eating, sleeping and studying for a sword with a higher set of numbers.

          I hear you. I was the same with MMO's back in the day. I played the early ones, most notably Everquest, and one of the main reasons I stuck with it so long was that there simply wasnt any competition at the time. UO, EQ, DAoC, or Asherons Call, that was about it.

          Fast forward to today, I have well over a dozen MMO's installed for no good reason (I dont want to count, its probably closer to 20), only that they are free, and I can come and go as I please.

          Some of them are great time wasters, but the desire to invest in a single game like I did with Everquest (where I raided at a very high level, and had a very well respected character) is no longer there.

          So I hear you.

          What I find with Diablo 3 though is that when I'm between games, its a wonderful time sink. I'll play for anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, then find something else, but when that new shiny gets dull, D3 is still there to fill the gap.

          Fallout 4 got 4 to 6 weeks out of me, far more than most games. But inevitably the desire to play the bejesus out of the game waned, and that battle.net icon was there waiting to entertain me.

          I'll move on, probably to Blade and Soul for a while, but it just fills a gap when that interest dies. And to me, thats its strength. Whenever I go back, somethings changed, and its got a little freshness back to it.

            It’s certainly a great filler title for when you want to play something with your brain only half on, if you’ve had a few beers and just want to relax and play something fun for an hour.

            I do still boot it up occasionally, it’s just not something I’m obsessed with in the way I thought I would have been.

          It's the nature of the game. I still play it because the seasons are quite fun. A while ago I got to a similar point as you and gave up for a while, then I played one season (for the HoTS reward mount) and found I really enjoyed it... maybe it was just the break.
          But after hitting 70 and getting my season reward, I kept playing.
          It was fun to keep getting new gear and trying to get better and higher rifts.

          Diablo3 has now moved from a pointless XP and gear grind to something that at least has a trackable purpose... there's seasonal quests but also you can try to see how high/hard a rift you can do.
          It feels great when you work up from a lvl 30 rift to a 35... and then get some new gear or swap some skills around an go to 36 etc...

          As with anything it still get's stale after a while, but that while seems surprisingly long.

          Of course everyone still likes different games anyway so it might not be relevant to everyone. To me it's a bout achievement.... Can I beat that next hardest level (the new set dungeons are awesome and very hard end game challenges that you can't just out gear), or beat that next boss (like in WoW raiding) or finish a story like in Witcher.

          On the other hand.... I keep trying to play Witcher3 and for some reason it's just not grabbing me. Maybe it feels a bit too slow compared to the other games I've been playing lately?
          Don't play/like Fallout 4 either... Those games also have huge time sinks and I usually just like to sit down for an hour or two and smash out some Diablo or a few rounds of CS or HoTS or a couple games of SC... maybe it's just an attention span thing

    Hmmm, might re-download this weekend and take a look.

    I'm going to watch this now, I could never get into Diablo at all, and I tried many times.
    I keep feeling that I must be missing something, as people really love it.

    Loving the 2.4 patch on PC and the new Season. Only 4 days in, and my new Barb (first time playing one) is already doing GR62 solos, best I could manage last season with my monk was a GR45.

    Plus all the new weapons, set dungeons, new areas etc.....can't fault Blizzard on their support for D3, they are constantly updating with new free content all the time.

    So good jumped back on after a three month break and started a seasonal barb. Levelled that bad boy in two days (thank you Cain set and leoric crown). Now going to finish the rest of the objectives and start on the greater rifts. This game is worse than crack!

    Still can't work out how to get my Wings of the Betrayer on PS4. :(

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