Don't Worry, A Real Dragon Ball Space Pod Didn't Just Crash In Vietnam

Don't Worry, a Real Dragon Ball Space Pod Didn't Just Crash in Vietnam

Phew! I know, you might've have been so worried. But I'm here to tell you to relax. So, RELAX. This is not a Super Saiyan invasion. While Japanese site Toychan makes the inevitable comparison with Dragon Ball, Time explains that three metal balls, ranging in weight from 0.2kg to 45kg, crashed down in Vietnam. They're not even big enough to be real Space Pods.

Officials say they are Russian-made and were compressed air tanks for rockets. They could've fallen from a failed satellite launch, Time adds. Seriously, thank goodness no one was hurt!

In short, they're space junk, not Space Pods. Good to know.


    So what stops this from landing on people?

      Nothing. It falls from the sky.. it hits the ground. If your head is in the way when it happens, you die.

      Last edited 13/01/16 11:42 am

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