Duke Nukem’s Voice Turned Down US Republican Campaign Job

Duke Nukem’s Voice Turned Down US Republican Campaign Job

Jon St. John, probably most well-known to you guys as the voice of Duke Nukem, was asked recently “to be the advertising voice of the Republican party’s leading candidate for president” in the US. He said, and I’m paraphrasing, get the hell outta here.

St. John wrote on Facebook yesterday:

I don’t like to turn down jobs…especially when it’s a national ad campaign that pays pretty well. But I have a conscience and could not accept a gig to be the advertising voice of the Republican party’s leading candidate for president. Thanks for the kind offer, but I will sleep just fine at night knowing I made a choice I can live with.

Asked by The Verge to clarify which candidate it was, St. John said “I should have written ‘a leading GOP candidate for president’. It might have been Trump or Cruz. Either way, I would not have done it.”


  • OK, so good on the guy for having standards and everything, but who thought that would be a good idea? Would I like to see an ad for media with this guy’s voice, absolutely, would I want his voice advertising a possible leader of a/my country? No, politics shouldn’t be a joke and stories like this as well as everything I hear about American politics just sounds more and more like a joke but with the comedic resolution swapped for potentially very serious consequences.

    • To be fair the guy is a legitimate voice actor it’s just that gamers know him as an over the top, testosterone filled action hero. We don’t know if they wanted Duke Nukem or Jon St. John. If they wanted Duke then I completely agree that it’s not appropriate for politics but if they just wanted him as a voice actor then why not?

      • Donald Trump isn’t appropriate for politics, but people are still retarded enough to support him. You think they’d hesitate to try and get an endorsement from Duke Nukem?

    • Dude, welcome to modern day America. The fact that he has any support at all let alone enough to be considered a viable candidate for the Republican leader says it all.
      On jjj yesterday they aired an excerpt of 10 yr old girls singing for his campaign. I kid you not when I say some of the lyrics contained the words crush you and power of America and all sorts of antagonistic chest pumping jingo. It was really shocking stuff.

  • Don’t care who the party or candidate in question was, good on him for turning it down. Politics can cause too much division between people at times, if he did go for the job he’d have US Democrat voters hating his guts, as would have happened from the other side if it were vice-versa.

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