Even Dogmeat Is A Terrible Companion Sometimes

Even Dogmeat Is A Terrible Companion Sometimes

Video: While Dogmeat is one of the most universally loved companions in Fallout 4, he can still be a real pain in the arse sometimes. In this video, he demonstrates the very best of his top-notch doggy AI, getting right in the way as only dogs can. But hey, you can’t really blame him for this little blunder — dogs can’t see red after all.



  • My only gripe with Dogmeat is he’s so hard to see, just a little guy compared to your other humanoid companions =P

  • Hated Dogmeat as he wouldn’t stay put, always running ahead. So I decided to leave him at Sanctuary Hills. Seriously, if you don’t listen to my commands, bugger off!

  • Stealthing through a section, one-shotting every head with my silenced 10mm.

    Dogmeat runs face first into a room full of enemies, gets hit with a grenade and instantly goes down. Thanks, bro. I’ll just go toe to toe with 8 grenade throwing super Mutants. No biggie.

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