Even Dragon Ball’s Creator Isn’t Always Thrilled With Dragon Ball

Even Dragon Ball’s Creator Isn’t Always Thrilled With Dragon Ball

When Dragon Ball is great, it’s friggin’ amazing. When it’s not, Dragon Ball is anything but. Take heart. If you aren’t happy, chances are its creator Akira Toriyama isn’t either. As Yahoo News! Japan points out, a 30th Anniversary Dragon Ball Super History Book is getting released in Japan. It features extensive Toriyama interviews and Dragon Ball drawings from other manga artists, including Hunter X Hunter‘s Yoshihiro Togashi as well as One Piece‘s Eiichiro Oda.

In the book, Toriyama writes a message to the fans, thanking them for their support. One of the messages in particular stands out, regarding what’s happened over the years: “I got pissed at the live-action movie version [of Dragon Ball], I re-wrote an animated feature film’s script, and I complained about the workmanship of the TV anime,” Toriyama wrote. The context of this quote is him saying that he thought he was finished with Dragon Ball, but it was something he liked so much that he couldn’t just leave it alone.

So! If you hated the Hollywood Dragon Ball movie, it doesn’t sound like Toriyama was exactly thrilled with it, either. If you didn’t like the script of a particular Dragon Ball anime movie (he doesn’t specify), it could’ve been worse. And if you thought a particular Dragon Ball‘s TV animation looked cruddy, Toriyama probably did, too.

It’s good to know that he still can get riled up over Dragon Ball. It shows he cares, that Dragon Ball still matters to him, and that there is always room for improvement.

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  • I don’t know why people keep thinking that Dragon Ball Supers’ animation is shit. It was one episode. Yeah, the animation in that episode was horrendous, but it hasn’t happened since.

    • From what i’ve seen it looked like middle frames in action sequences? and those generally look horrible no matter the show.

      • My brother sat me through multiple episodes of Super to show me different examples. Though it possibly may have been just the one episode, I assure you that it’s not an issue with betweens, the entire animation looked absolutely shite.

        Though, if I remember correctly there was one sequence that looked really good, but I believe my brother mentioned how some episodes have multiple animator-leads, leading to quality drops in middle of episodes, and it’s really noticeable.

  • The shitty animation (episode 5 especially) has been rectified in the BluRay release anyways. Seriously. Go check it out. It’s freaking awesome now.

      • It looks significantly better in motion, that one scene in particular with the goofy over extend’o’fist is made to flow nicely with the frames that they added / changed before and after as well.

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