Exploding Kittens Is Now Available On iOS For $2.99

If you somehow didn’t have access to the card game, or enough friends to enjoy it with, you can now take the kitten exploding action anywhere you like. Such as the toilet. Or the train. Or your office.

The announcement was sent out in an email to backers of the Kickstarter project a few hours ago, in the typically cute fashion of Matthew Inman’s drawings. Rather than spoil things, here’s the image for your enjoyment.

The game is available on the App Store now for $2.99, and all in-app purchases are free for the next 4 days. The launch marks the one year anniversary since the card game’s crowdfunding campaign kicked off, and the game has unsurprisingly rocketed to the top of the App Store.

In-app purchases include alternate avatars, which include a baby owl, business shark, party bear, a sick pizza, corn dog, YOLO bacon, a love bunny and a musical raptor. You’ll also be able to buy the Party Pack expansion deck, or download it for free if you move quickly.

An Android version will launch at a later date, and take note that you won’t actually be able to play Exploding Kittens online. The app uses “a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to communicate with players around you, so we don’t have to rely on the internet or Gamecenter to play,” the site explains.

“Since there aren’t many of us out there doing this yet and the technology is super new, it’s got some bugs and doesn’t always work perfectly, but we’re hoping with your help we can keep making the game better.” The app was developed by Substantial, while a playable prototype of the mobile port was developed using Unity 3D.

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