Fallout 4 Mod Makes Preston Garvey Chill Out

Fallout 4 Mod Makes Preston Garvey Chill Out

The most annoying thing about Fallout 4 has finally been fixed, courtesy of modders. Thank god. If you’ve played Fallout 4, then you’re probably well-acquainted with the nightmare that is Preston Garvey’s endless settlement quests. It’s always the same: you save one shitty settlement, only to be instantly tasked with defending another crappy settlement where no sane human being should ever live. If you happen to play Fallout 4 on PC, however, know this: things don’t have to be this way. Really!

Introducing “Disable Minuteman Radiant Quests,” by shad0wshayd3. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Per the mod description:

Have you ever wanted to travel across the Commonwealth and not have Preston breath down your neck about helping every settlement in the game three times a day from the same raider camp that was bothering them an hour ago? Well have I got the mod for you.

Mind, this does not mean the settlement quests go completely away. They’re still there. The difference is, if you want to pursue the Minutemen settlement quests, you have to actively go to a settlement and take on quests from there. Additionally, depending on your settings, the quests don’t clutter up your Quests tabs.

In practice, what this means is that you can talk to Preston without having him automatically saddle you with a new settlement quest. Instead, he just gives you his normal dialogue, followed by the sweet, sweet sound of silence.



  • Good work on that mod. As always I have another job for you. We’ve got word of a settlement that’s having problem with a nearby pack of ghouls.

  • Useful mod but I found doing those quests over and over seems to level up my companions like to me quicker then most other quests (unless they are a companion that hates helping people)

  • What I hate is I am meant to be the ‘General’ Shouldn’t it be me sending minutemen to deal with the issues rather then going myself?

    • Too much logical, does not compute

      Don’t worry, exactly every single FO4 player had the same thought.

    • The Minutemen were founded (back in the days of yore; 1800s) when most generals lead the battle, maybe that,s why you are doing all the hard work.

  • The Preston G meme pics are pretty funny, and I can see why some folks might find the endless settlement thing exasperating… but in the Fallout 4 end-game, once you’re well beyond lvl 50 leveling up further starts to take a long time and you really need all the quests and exp points you can get. The endless settlement quests really only help with that.

    I also wonder how many people realise that, should you want even more radiant settlement quests (and a greater variety of them), you should leave your radio tuned to Radio Freedom. The radio station reports settlement issues all over the commonwealth and you will occasionally see random quests initiate on your screen as you’re out bumbling around in the game world. I was def pretty stoked to discover that that happens. Just turn radio volume off in the audio options if the constant babble of the dj annoys you.

  • Great… now I just need to remember which of my backwater settlements did I exile him too after I got sent to Converga for the fifth time. Oh thats right the one without food or water after I murdered the settlers in anger… Croup Manor which is in arms reach of three minutemen who live across the road and blow themselves up evey time by accident by standing next to nuke cars that explode

  • That purple text is truly horrific though – everybody knows the best viable alternative to the toxic Shrek green is light blue or kinda aqua. Surely you wanna make the map clearer – it was bad enough in green! So the modder improves the aural experience but navigates it via livid text. Lol

  • Anyone use the flare gun to have Minutemen show up an help? I thought he more settlements you unlock the more they will come to your aid as they wander around.

    • There are minutemen do turn up around after a while… but they turn up randomly like a caravan and are actually never there or just 3 more guns in a settlement of 17+ people so you dont notice them. Or camp out in abandoned houses/places. Useless.

  • I changed my preston to look like a older more battle-worn version, and it seems if you take him along with you at the start of the game it can save time and annoyances.

    Does Codsworth say the name Superman or Supergirl? Seems fitting given how much shit you gotta sort out while everyone else sits on their arse!

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