Fallout 4 Mod Gives You Actual Seasons

Fallout 4 Mod Gives You Actual Seasons

Video: Forget nuclear winter — a new Fallout 4 mod for PC lets you play the whole game in actual winter. The Fallout 4 seasons mod (via Eurogamer) gives you access to spring, summer, autumn and winter, just in case you want to prance around in virtual snow and ignore the 40C weather outside. This one's pretty cool.

Watch YouTuber hodilton showcase the mod right here:


    I hope a fair few of the graphics mods come across to consoles when it finally happens. I'm not expecting HD packs or anything that would probably push the consoles too far (although they probably could handle better texture packs tbh).

      Since I assume all mods need to be approved by bethesfa, I doubt we'll see anything that "one-ups" any existing artwork. So no HD texture packs, reskinned high poly count models etc. I doubt we'll see any custom bug fixes either as it makes bethesda look incompetent.

      I think any Total Conversion mod would also not be eligible because they wouldn't have been made with consoles in mind. As such they would face performance and bug issues on a scale not really worth the time and effort to fix. I suspect bethesda probably also want content that fits with the core fallout game, since presumably fallout fans want more fallout, and not a TC turn based card game set in Arendel from Disney's Frozen.

      Things like the above weather mod would be a bit trickier to predict how bethesda would judge it. On the one hand, gameplay mods that edit or tweak small parts of the game could still be construed as one up'ing bethesda, and if they don't agree with the way it affects a persons perception of the game (ie not the way they want people to experience their game) then it probably won't fly either. On the other hand, it appears to have brand new assets (which is ideal for them as explained below) and is the kind of non-intrusive addon that doesn't massively deviate from the way a player experiences the core gameplay.

      As for what's likely to get picked, anything that adds new content (in particular new assets like textures, models, sounds and levels/landscapes - provided it's not replacing anything) seems like a sound bet since it fits the framework of current dlc offerings (and is arguably the type of content that benefits bethesda the most due to it being the costliest to produce inhouse).

      Ultimately, I expect the choices will be one or two mods that add large high quality new areas to the game, and eleventy billion other small mods that add a silly hat or outfit.

      The point of mods like this is changing artistic direction, not increasing fidelity or texture size. So unless the mod author just doesn't make performance a goal, this should be perfectly doable on console.

      You might actually be lucky, some of the mods I've seen on the nexus are actually graphics optimization mods, which tweak some inefficient use of texture memory and draw rules to make the thing run better on low-end machines. I can only imagine the same theory applied to consoles would result in marked improvements.

    Looks fantastic.

    Now, does it also contain the crunching sound of running across snow or the rustling of leaves as examples to add that next level immersiveness?

    Doesn't feel right, but looks really nice. Always wondered what it'd look like if all the tree's had leaves, the ground had grass, and everything was lush

      Should really be right. Chernobyl's green as hell, and that's mere decades after the meltdown. FO4 is set 200 years after the bombs dropped, but it LOOKS as if it's set two weeks after. Complete with giant leaf/debris piles that settlers haven't bothered to clean up with, I dunno, a broom in the last four or five generations.

        haha very valid point!

        It feels right though if that makes sense? It just wouldn't feel like fallout without the desolation, but yeah you are right lol

        Excuse me if I'm wrong but Chernobyl didn't have the same destructive effect as an atom bomb would. Chernobyl's physical destruction was mostly contained within the facility. As far as I know, the fallout was what was significant. The heat and destruction caused by one atomic explosion alone can render an entire area dead. Unless some intervention occurred to replace the dead soil happened, I wouldn't say bethesda's interpretation is incorrect. The heat dissipated into the atmosphere caused by several atomic explosions and the evaporation of moisture in the air would've killed nearly all exposed vegetation, if not all.

        Well at least that's how I understand it haha

          I was more thinking of an area abandoned due to the radioactive fallout.

          I mean, if you want examples of actual cities that had actual bombs dropped on them, you could always visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They're doing pretty damn well, too. (Went to Hiroshima last year and it's pretty amazing.) Didn't think of them first mostly because there was a functioning government left behind to make sure the cities were tended to.

    I really like hodiltons video, some of the only fullscreen 21:9 content I've come across on YouTube.

      As someone with a 21:9 monitor, I do too! This looks great.

    Perhaps worth mentioning that this is basically four individual mods. There are no dynamically changing seasons or anything, to change you need to uninstall one season and install a new one.

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