Fan 3D Prints Fallout's Robotic Butler

Fan 3D Prints Fallout's Robotic Buttler

Behold Codsworth, the robo-butler of Fallout 4's main character's family in all his glory. Photographer Mark Mosinski built and printed tiny version of this personal Mister Handy and it looks fantastic. It's one step away from being able to hover around and do its silly monologues like in the game.

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A photo posted by Mark Mosinski (@iamterribleatphotography) on


    Nice, wonder if this is on Thingiverse or something. Wouldn't mind trying this myself once I got my glass bed and active cooling upgrades installed (waiting on parts).

    The main sphere model needs smoothing, no need for polygon surfaces really.

    Last edited 12/01/16 6:56 am

    Unless a 'buttler' is something completely different and Codsworth just became something super scary...

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