Five More Amazing Australian Cosplayers You've Probably Never Heard Of

Last year we introduced you to five awesome Aussie cosplayers you'd never heard of, and now it's time to meet five more. These are some of Australia's most prolific, most talented and most promising to watch as they do great things this year!

Morethia Cosplay

You've probably already realised that I'm a sucker for a good Samus cosplay, which is why it's such a surprise that Morethia Cosplay managed to escape my notice until recently. You may have even caught her at PAX Australia late last year.

Morethia's page has only been active for less than a year, and already she's amassed an impressive portfolio of both professional photos and work-in-progress shots. As with most hobbies, in cosplay you tend to admire the people who can do the things you can't — and this woman has a way with fabrics that I am definitely lacking.

Photo Credits: Cateography, RedScarf Photography, Halvalium Photography, Shadows Mask Photography

Even her Elsa — yes, we know a lot of people like to cosplay Elsa, and we know a lot of people are tired of seeing it, it's still a fun costume to make — manages to stand out from the rest. A quick look through her photos shows plenty of interesting WIP posts and future plans to look forward to in 2016.

Artisan's Theory

Artisan's Theory is a former Adelaidian cosplayer (remember how they have crazy skills down that way?) now living in Brisbane, though the move hasn't slowed down her crazy cosplay-making schedule.

Barely two weeks into the new year, Artisan's theory already has four new cosplays on her plate — she hasn't yet announced what they'll be, though she has promised cosplays of even more Diablo classes. After making a staggering nine costumes last year, she already seems on track to beat that number in the new year. It's not unusual for some cosplayers to make a lot of cosplays in one year, and neither is it strange for cosplayers to make nice quality ones — though when you have someone who manages to do a bit of both it can definitely come as a surprise.

More than ever we're seeing cosplayers break into video content, and it's rapidly becoming just as big for cosplayers as the traditional image content has always been. Already this year, Artisan's theory has made a jump into producing video content, with both prop construction walkthroughs, and part one of a series made to introduce new cosplayers to the community. In her videos you can see she's just a straight-up lovely person, and definitely the best kind of cosplayer — the kind that actively gives back to the community.

Photo Credits: James Niland Photography, Juliarts Photography, Steamkittens

Gabrielle Louise Cosplay

"I love bringing the glamour to cosplay," says Gabrielle Louise's Facebook page, and looking through her photos you can tell its no lie. Another Brisbane based cosplayer, you may have seen her old-school Jessica Rabbit costume, or the huge wings of her Maleficent from the recent movie (you know, the Angelina Jolie one, not the green-skinned one).

One thing that sets Gabrielle apart from the pack is that she's done quite a bit of experimenting with prosthetic makeup, such as sculpting her own custom fairy ears for said Maleficent cosplay, making a diamond-encrusted face piece for Emma Frost, and even moulding Maleficent's huge horns. When the prosthetics aren't involved she still has a gift for the dark art that is makeup, transforming herself for every new costume she makes — including a large volume of red face-paint for her gender-swapped Hellboy costume.

She also does quite a bit of glamour pin-up style photography, which is a nice little bonus for those of you who decide to go check her out.

Photo Credits: Lorenzo So Photography, Digital Druid, Mazzer Photographics


Zerebin is Australia's king of armoured cosplay, and has been floating around in the cosplay community probably longer than I've been alive. You'll mostly find him at Supanova, where he works on the Community Team, often helping out with cosplay events. When he's in costume he'll be masked more often than not, so it's unlikely you've ever actually seen his face. If you've ever seen Iron Man hanging around the cosplay stage at Supanova, however — it's probably Zerebin.

Like Artisan's Theory, Zerebin is getting into video content this year in a big way. He's part of the team working on Aussie cosplay webseries Get In Character, and he tells me that this year is going to be the year that they really kick it off.

Seeing as Zerebin isn't really big on doing proper photoshoots for his costumes — which he says is just part of his 'thing' — the best place to view a Zerebin costume in the wild is either at a Supanova event, or one of the many Star Wars events that he attends with Queensland's Redback Garrison of the 501st Legion.

Photo Credits: LisaSista Photography


Nichameleon is one of those lucky people who just really looks like the character she's decided to cosplay. She's the spitting image of Jennifer Lawrence — at least in her Katniss Everdeen costume. It probably comes as no surprise that Nichameleon has cosplayed quite a few different versions of JLaw's Katniss, and it's no surprise that they're all spot on.

What sets her apart from other lookalike cosplayers is that she's also found other celebrities that she could be a creepily identical twin to. I mean, either that or she's a secret shapeshifter. Have a look at this one:

More than this, Nichameleon knows how to use that Jlaw/Daisy Ridley lookalike face for more than just... well, resembling celebrities. I've always been a fan of cosplay photos with personality, and hers are bursting with it. Here's a cosplayer who knows how to use her face in a photo, who can use her full range of emotions and still somehow come out pretty at the end of it. Congratulations on your talented face, Nichameleon.

Photo Credits: James Niland Photography, Cosplay Australia, Jason Finch Photography, What A Big Camera, Volk Photography


    How is it that there's been two of these lists and neither have included Yeliz Akyildiz?

      Because there's a lot of awesome cosplayers in Australia?

      Plus it sounds like you've already heard of her plenty ;)

    YES. MOAR COSPLAY TO DEVOUR. Immersion-based saturation in tips and inspirations to get over that first-timer hurdle.
    Now that I've shaved my beard, I must obvioiusly debut by playing Saitama the One Punch Man.
    Some other time, Max from Max Payne 3... some other time.

      Are you bloodborning with us? I know you talked about it

        So thoroughly undecided. It does look both conceptually simple, and simultaneously time-consuming and exhausting. It's basically 'modified' real world clothes, after all... So many bits, though. Still. Have asked my Mum to teach me how to sew, so that's a thing that's happening.

          Do eet. If you Bloodborne with us you can learn from our mistakes simultaneously!

            Heh. Something you may have noticed is that I don't like committing to things I can't be relatively certain I will actually be able to follow-through on. :)

              Start with the weapon. then if you don't do the rest of it, you'll at least have a cool bloodborne weapon for your wall. @freezespreston just started woodworking his

      I seriously want to pop my cosplay cherry.... But it's sooo intimidating...
      Plus I'm 30 now! Holy smokes!
      Creepy old man alert!

        Nah, just makes you perfect for playing old men. Like Joel from TLOU or Max from MP3.

          Actually thinking of making my first one a Tanith First and Only from 40k
          Pretty good entry level thing, i'd say.. but so obscure :s

            A Tanith First And Only cosplay would be awesome!!!!! Do it laddie! ^^

              Damn it - don't encourage me! haha

        As long as you're not a Square Enix fan, being over 30 seems perfect for cosplaying plenty of video game characters!

          bahahaha - this makes me laugh and cringe in one.
          Luckily most people think i'm around 26 when they look at me.. so i guess i got that going for me.

        Agreed, it is intimidating with the standard out there now. I am unsure to wear a costume each time I want to
        I think it has become a common feeling with fans who want to dress up but see this and are deterred by the cost/skill/quality

        Kudos to the people who do it for their fellow fans

    Nichameleon is very cute! I particularly like her zoobat...

    Last edited 15/01/16 3:14 pm

    Love seeing these articles and the hard work these folk out into their costumes. So jealous of their talents... Always inspires me to try my own hand at cosplay, only to remember I don't have the time, money, or skill...

    Maybe one day.

    I don't have photos of any of these people (it was 2, maybe 3 of the last group), so you've succeeded at both disappointing me, and fulfilling the title criteria.

    Good job (also, those are some rad peeps, cool stuff).

    Great costumes all, but could we please see a cosplay of Samus in her REAL suit please? Not the blue jumpsuit from that abomination of a game. Pretty Please?

      What are you talking about, Zero Mission was a fantastic game!

      Zero Mission was an abomination? Surely you jest.

    Even more cosplayers to follow.....on facebook that is. I just (mostly) finished the helmet part of my next cosplay, sadly I won't need it until late in the year because work. I love doing costumes, keeps my mind and hands busy

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