GX Australia Puts Call Out For Volunteers

Australia's first gaming expo dedicated to queer inclusion has put out a final call for volunteers and panel submissions before it kicks off in February.

The expo is, of course, not looking to exclude anyone. It's just that the aim is to provide an inclusive atmosphere for those who identify differently while pummelling each other in Smash Bros. If you'd like to help out with that sort of thing, either in a volunteer or panellist capacity, they'd be grateful. Just be sure you can get to the Australian Technology Park in Sydney on February 27th and 28th!

GaymerX was Kickstarted and funded last year, with 478 backers giving over $55,000. It has also brought on a few good sponsors to help make the expo happen, but with such a small budget it's easy to see how much a few volunteers would help. Applications do close on January 20th though, so get in quick!


    "heteronormative" - is that a word?

      Yes, but this is a weird context for it. It means social or linguistic references that strengthen the idea that heterosexual is normal and that anything else is not.

      People always assuming that romantic relationships involve one male and one female is an example of a heteronormative society. It's implied that anything else is abnormal, even if the person doing it doesn't have anything against people in other types of relationships.

      "Straight" would probably have been a better word. It conveys the meaning with less confusion.

      Last edited 14/01/16 1:40 pm

        Thanks! I actually did not know that term and explained like that makes sense. Especially when I was wondering if you had to be LGBT to volunteer.

          No worries! This kind of very niche (and for most people very boring) linguistic stuff is right up my alley. It's nice when it isn't completely useless!

          I've spoken to one of the organisers very briefly, and the whole team seem to be really cool people. They've been very careful to let people know that the point of this is inclusiveness. Everyone is totally welcome as long as they don't act like jerks.

          I'm straight and my partner is straight. We kickstarted this and we'll both be there. We'd volunteer if it weren't for other commitments. You should definitely volunteer if you have the time.

            Cool. Language is very interesting. It's good to see these guys doing the event!

        You're right, it is a confusing context for it -- I'll update so it's clearer.

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