Here’s How Modders Are Dressing Up Their Fallout 4 Characters 

Here’s How Modders Are Dressing Up Their Fallout 4 Characters 

The denizens of the wasteland might as well have their very own fashion line, thanks to the powers of mods. When I originally wrote about nudity mods in Fallout 4, one thing modders felt adamant about was that they wanted body modification tools not to run around naked, but rather to put on nicer, more form-fitting clothes. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at some of those clothing mods, and the ways people are changing what you can wear in Fallout 4.

Some mods are more about adding style to Fallout 4. Some mods are more risqué, and aren’t afraid to show some skin. Both, at times, can transform the game into something downright unrecognisable, as players use the Commonwealth an an excuse to play dress-up. And of course, little of what I’ve seen floating around is actually practical, but the same can be said of some of the armour that Fallout 4 actually shipped with.

So, without further ado…

NSFW warning ahead!

[Mod: NCR Ranger Veteran Armour]

[Photo: SBx82]

[Photo: nivea]

[Photo: soultaker93]

[Mod: Wearable Squire Outfit]

[Photo: Galejro]

[Mod: Eli’s Armour Collection Remade]

[Mod: Commonwealth shorts]

[Photo: Gabet347]

[Photo: Stiptikspec]

[Photo: invalidfate]

[Photo: invalidfate]

[Photo: MadMax713]

[Photo: SethSaiph]

[Photo: Guffeh]

[Photo: tostikaas and KevinZiggy]

[Photo: lagrie]

[Photo: Steevin Love]

[Photo: c1066]

We’re still in the early days of modding here, and things will likely only get wilder once modding tools actually become available. Still, even through simple retexturing, people are playing Fallout 4 less like a shooter and more like The Sims — which is pretty cool!

The first image in this post comes to us via the mod “Rad-Ban Eyewear Inc,” which you can check out here.


    • The 2nd one and the cocktail dress kinda one could get flagged depending on your office.
      NSFW isn’t always nudity, although I guess the darth vader upskirt shot could also be an issue

      • Shit dont go to the Daily Mail website at work then…. lol

        Bikinis should not be considered NSFW thats so sexist! As far as im concerned a nipple shouldn’t be NSFW either, but it is

        NSFW should only be relating to sexual acts, or sexual suggestion, and not human physiology

        The human body or representations there of is NOT NSFW as far as im concerned
        Someone pushing 1000 jellybeans out of their anus in a repeating gif is quite likely NSFW

        • I do a lot of work around kids aged 5+. I’d say a fair few people wouldn’t be very happy if they saw me looking at pictures of men and/or women in swimmers anywhere one of those kids could see.

          • So target and k-mart catalogues are NSFW? I see what you’re saying anyway. Content should be irrelevant really it should only really be about context.

          • If you were reading a news article that had some pics of a celeb on a beach in a bikini no…

            If you were on Zoo Mag’s website looking at their calendar girls well then… obviously…

            I’m just saying the more you create stigma over the actual clothing it sexualises women in bikinis.
            Would those people take offence to the images above?? Thats what i was really getting at – just the strangest NSFW warning I’ve seen lol

    • Came here to say the same thing…
      NSFW if you work in 1912?? There was a bit of ankle showing there!!!

  • Well it is *kind of* the Sims when you take into account settlements and being able to build your open metropolis.

    Although I have FO4 on the Xbone, I’ll be interested to see what other cool mods people will come up with. Maybe some might eventually see daylight on consoles?

    • Apparently this year consoles are supposed to get modd on fallout 4. But how they pick which ones and if there is a cost involved remains to be seen.

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