Here's The First Episode Of Confirmed 'Myths' For Just Cause 3

YouTube channel DefendTheHouse has built its reputation on Mythbusters-style videos for popular games. It's just taken the wraps off a new series for Avalanche's Just Cause 3, the first episode of which you can watch right here.

Tackled in this particular episode are the following existence-questioning quandaries:

  1. Can you board the Rebel Drop jet?
  2. Can you easily take out a group of paratroopers by grappling between them?
  3. Can you open gates for rebels using the grappling hook?
  4. Is it possible to fly from sea level to the highest point on the map by switching between the parachute and wingsuit?
  5. Will rebels drive you to your destination if you set a waypoint?

I was expecting a little more unpredictability with the answers, but if something's true, it's true.

Just Cause 3 Mythbusters: Episode 1 [YouTube]


    This is the greatest game of all time (except for maybe Police Quest)

    Not really mythbusting, more just here's 5 things you can do.

      Yeah. The Rebel driving to the waypoint thing is even mentioned specifically in a loading screen tip at some point.

        Same with the opening gates with the grapple.

        It's a specific part of a mission.

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