Here’s The First, Tense Trailer For Cloverfield’s Sequel

Here’s The First, Tense Trailer For Cloverfield’s Sequel

Yeah, Cloverfield came out all the way back in 2008. It doesn’t feel that long ago, but the records don’t lie. Some might think that’s a little too long to wait for a sequel, but maybe we’re ready for another flick full of shaky-cam jump scares.

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Well, that’s what the original Cloverfield was known for, but the sequel, 10 Cloverfield Lane, looks to take a more traditional (and less vertigo-inducing) approach with the camera work.

Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman and directed by Dan Trachtenberg, the new film gives the impression of something less epic and more claustrophobic. Outside of the “everyone dies but one” genre, I believe horror does better when you can get to know the characters and Goodman has proven to be excellent in more serious roles.

Have to say I’m tentatively interested! If you’re keen too, the good news is you won’t have to wait long to see it — 10 Cloverfield Lane hits Australian cinemas on 10 March this year.

We’ll be done watching The Force Awakens by then, yeah?

0 Cloverfield Lane Trailer (2016) – Paramount Pictures [YouTube]


  • Very interested. First words from some screenings are positive and give the same warning (in spoilertext): Dont expect a full blown sequel, this is like a movie ‘set in the same world as Cloverfield’. I’m cool with that myself.

    Also, turns out it was a completely different movie at first, then Bad Robot picked it up, went back and reshot a lot of stuff to add it into the Cloverfield thing. It may end up as an anthology of movies, with each story loosely interconnected but a different tale essentially in the same weird world.

    The fact it’s not done with shakeycam is a huge plus too.

    • Yeah, I enjoyed the first movie but had to wait for it on DVD because watching those shaky cam things on the big screen makes me horribly ill.

      John Goodman is a bonus… he’s one of those guys who elevates anything he’s in.

      • Years back someone released a cut of Cloverfield onto the net that was corrected with all the shakeycam. It had stabilised all of it. It was amazing how much BETTER it was watching it that way…

      • I still find myself thinking about his role in Barton Fink now and again, which is quite impressive given that it came out 21 years ago. He’s a phenomenal actor.

          • “I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.”

          • The script is just utterly brilliant. Especially when you realize that there was no ad-libbing going on during filming – every single word of that dialogue was written by the Coen’s and polished to a mirror shine before being unleashed on an unsuspecting and undeserving public by that cast. Just about the perfect movie.

      • “John Goodman is a bonus… he’s one of those guys who elevates anything he’s in.”

        ….Somehow that even includes Blues Brothers 2000….. but yes…

  • John goodman is a boss. Personally the shaky cam thing never bothered me. When it’s done well it’s immersive.
    I’m excited for this but suspicious of sequels to horror films.

    • I agree that the shaky cam thing can be good, but it got waaaaay overused at one stage.

      I am cautiously optimistic about this particular sequel – they left the original ending open enough that it’s possible for this to pick it up without it being ridiculously contrived.

  • I don’t agree that you need fleshed out characters for a horror film to be effective. There are hundreds of horror films which do without this and are excellent.

    • It helps, though! I mean, sure, watching a bunch of teen archetypes getting shredded one at a time is fun and all, but when you have some sort of emotional investment in the characters, it makes watching them in horrifying situations much more grueling.

    • Those movies at least stick to archetypes so you don’t have to know too much about them. The most we got from Cloverfield was everyone’s a douchey N.Y idiot with the shared motivation of;

      “Hey guys, know that one-night stand who dumped me and bought some other guy to my farewell party trying to make me realise it was over? I’m gonna go save her, so we can have a plot.”
      “Wait for us, man – we wanna die too! But let me grab the camera first…”

  • What surprises me is it looks like this trailer all comes from like, the first 10-15 minutes.

    I’ll wait for trailer 2 when they spoil every single plot point.

    • just don’t watch trailers, i still haven’t seen star wars and the only things i know about it are there’s a black stormtrooper, there’s some chick named rey in it and someone is a traitor

    • There is a movie where the very last scene from the movie is in the trailer.

      I forget the name of it but the girl who played Dexter’s sister was the lead in it. They were reporters in an apartment block that was quarantined for some disease.

      • How about the opening titles for the mission impossible movies which pretty much shows what happens in the whole movie before you even get into it properly?

        • I must have watched different MI movies to you. Or are you trying to be smart and saying that all the action is the same?

  • I hope I’m wrong but looks like a typical “olds vs youngs” film….

    Old: I’ve spent a shed load to protect us wth this bunker in case of an apocalypse.
    Young: but I’m so bored I haz no internets, jigsaws suck, you don’t know me….
    Old: seriously, I’m saving your life. Show a bit of gratitude,
    Young: I’m so cool and edgy, you don’t know me, I know better than you, imma gonna break out, you don’t know me…

    (Opens door)

    In real life it would be “opens door, dies horribly”, but instead it’s “opens door, wow stupid young person was right all along and makes everything ok by being a narcissistic ass”

    Hope I’m wrong,…

  • *spoilers for LOST*

    The trailer mirrors the introduction to the inside of the hatch on Lost. The music while a normal domestic routine goes on, but then it becomes clear that this isn’t a normal place. The disruption from outside.

    I really thought that was interesting because the hatch reveal one of the greatest bits of TV I remember in recent years. Absolutely disorienting and mindblowing when it first aired.

    • Fuckin LOST man, those were some fun years of TV.
      Every goddamn season finale was some goddawful cliffhanger that made waiting 8 months just the most agonising thing ever.
      Especially that season 5 finale!

      • Started rewatching with g/f who’s never seen it… mid way through S3. I remembered mid S2-S3 dragging and it is 🙁

        We just saw the episode where you see how locke ends up in a wheelchair, remember that ep distinctively.

        Can’t wait for it to pick back up.

        • Yeaaah it wasn’t the best show in that regard.
          Have you had that Nikki and Paulo episode yet?
          Why the hell did they think adding those two was a good idea?

          • Yep, come and gone… just past it actually (I think it was one or two before Locke).

            Such a weird addition, you can see they tried stuff on here and there… some of it is pretty timeless and others are garbage.

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