Here's What Happened After A DayZ Player Gave Complete Strangers A Loaded Gun

Video: DayZ social experiments continue to delight and amaze me. The set-up for this one is straightforward. Cyborg Lizard decided to gift other players a new gun, no strings attached. What would these armed players do in response? Would they be kind? Or would they stab Cyborg Lizard in the back?

I know what you're thinking. DayZ players have a reputation for being arseholes. Not in this case, though. Surprisingly, (most of) this group of random players prove that not everybody in DayZ is all that bad. Aww. <3


    The atmosphere screamed prepare to die lol

    'Been spending most their lives living in a griefers paradise'.

    Theres a streamer named JamJar who was doing social experiments like this and others like kneeling handcuffed in the middle of the road with a key n a magnum in front of him (and a sniper buddy in the bushes nearby just in case) and the awesome gameshow Prize, Surprise or Demise. Check em on you tube they have been out for over a year now.

    Is this the standalone or the mod? the UI looks different to the standalone version im running

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