Hey Look, Insomniac Are Doing Stuff

Announcements of announcements are usually hot garbage. Especially if it's just a screenshot and a countdown clock.

Yes Kojima. I'm talking about you.

But this pre-announcement video from Insomniac is better than most. For one, there's actual footage of something. And it looks really, really good.

Well, at the very least it looks interesting. Insomniac is also currently working on Edge of Nowhere, a VR adventure game of sorts. This probably isn't that game — different aesthetic, different feel. It also feels like a little bit of a departure for Insomniac. Their last game was Sunset Overdrive and this has a lot less 'tude. Looks interesting.


    Looks 2D-Rayman-kind-of.
    Can't wait to see what it is!

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