Honest Game Trailers Nails The Strangeness Of Life Is Strange

Heard of Life is Strange and not entirely sure what it's about? Well, time to be simultaneously informed and amused as Honest Game Trailers tackles this odd blend of teens, time travel and uh, hipster Patrick Bateman.

This is definitely one of the better outings for Honest Trailers, though the game is not short of material. I've now added "perpetual problem" to my vocabulary for describing an annoying NPC and if I'm feeling ambivalent about someone, I'm totally calling them "a battery"... because they're positive and negative.

Get it? Yuk yuk.

The hilarious part of it all is that after watching the clip... I'm seriously tempted to give the game a go, if only to see the mechanics at work.

I guess any publicity really is good publicity.

LIFE IS STRANGE (Honest Game Trailers) [YouTube]


    Really enjoyed the game (apart from the binary ending but Mass Effect had already prepped me for the disappointment). Only thing I will say about this honest trailers is HUGE spoilers. If you plan to play the game, the emotional effect the journey has will be dampened by watching this first. If you have no desire to play it then by all means watch away, but you have been warned!

      I absolutely agree with you. I just finished the game myself, and it Is absolutely amazing.

      But that "trailer" is just terrible. Sure, it is accurate and entertaining, but it was highly unprofessional and morally wrong of them to show any part of episode 5. There are some major twists in that episode, and showing them before you have experienced them first hand is just wrong, and not really adding to what they were saying. Sure, allude to problems and critique things, but blur out the massive spoilers. >_<;

      Play the game first, enjoy it and be challenged emotionally by it. Then enjoy this spoof. :-S

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