How One Of Japan’s Biggest Games Was Created

How One Of Japan’s Biggest Games Was Created

In Japan, games don’t get much bigger than the Dragon Quest franchise. Recently, series creator Yuji Horii uploaded some of the first game’s original design documents, providing an inside peek at its birth.

[Photo: Yuji Horii]

According to Horii, first the stages were drawn out on paper. Then, the positions of in-game characters were drawn on tracing paper that could easily be overlaid on the map.

[Photo: Yuji Horii]

The game’s dialogue, it seems, was originally written out by hand. “Apologies for the messy handwriting,” Horii added.

It’s OK! Thanks for sharing.

Top photo: Yuji Horii


  • It’s all well and good to see design documents from very successful and fun games but how about sharing some from awful games like, Night Trap. Or how about John Romero’s piece of butchers paper from Daikatana that just says “Make people your bitches”.

    This is what the people want to see!

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