If You Want People To Play Your Golf Game, Use Dubstep

That's apparently the thinking behind the trailer for Webzenonnet and Bandai Namco's latest collaboration, a free-to-play MMO where players occupy themselves in "an immersive world" and the possibilities a virtual environment entails.

A virtual environment about golf, that is.

I actually don't mind the concept of MMO golf games. I had tons of fun with PangYa — also known as Albatross18 — when it was playable many moons ago. The prospect of anime characters pretending they're Happy Gilmore while playing atop a battleship was immensely funny, and I'm still a little bit sad that the game didn't hang around for longer.

Winning Putt doesn't look like it's quite going for that same vibe. It looks a little more in the vein of Shot Online, another Korean golfing MMO that takes itself (slightly) more seriously.

But what's intriguing is how its makers decided to market it. After all, how do you get people excited for golf? It's a long and intense experience, but harmonious at the same time. There's a rhythm to it.

A rhythm that is apparently best enhanced with dubstep.

I've never felt so alive upgrading my stats. Bunker shots will never feel the same again.

I'm somewhat stunned. And now I'm starting to wonder: what if they used that music for the menu screen as well? The possibilities.


    That trailer does feel very PangYa! like, minus the anime craziness. I still enjoy playing the Wii version (aka Super Swing Golf) every now and then. Good times.

      Pretty much what he said, only I was thinking of Everybody's Golf on PS1/2/3.

    Oh man, I was expecting the dub-step to kick in after an awesome tee shot, that would be cool.

    You know what, I'm giving this a try, dubstep trailer be damned

    I guess when you whack your ball into the rough it gives you a drop...

    I'm gunna go ahead and be THAT guy.

    Moreso electro house than dubstep :P

    /runs away

      Came here to say this. Not dubstep.

        yup, ive written dubstep, this isnt dubstep in any way. only similarity it has is that LFO on the bass you hear going through the whole time

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