If You Want To See How Crazy Star Citizen Is Becoming, Ask Gillian Anderson

If You Want To See How Crazy Star Citizen Is Becoming, Ask Gillian Anderson

It’s becoming increasingly impossible to get a decent handle on the immense scope and scale of Star Citizen without becoming completely sucked into the universe. It’s like trying to understand the meta in Dota 2 or League of Legends without spending a significant amount of hours playing, testing and watching.

Fortunately, Gillian Anderson is here to help. She’s hopped on board Star Citizen’s single-player module, otherwise known as Squadron 42. And she does a really good job of illustrating how absurd — in a nice way! — the crowdfunded space epic is becoming.

It’s not the first time Gillian Anderson has performed for a video game before. She famously gave some gravitas, what little it had, to The X-Files: The Game back in 1998 alongside her colleague David Duchovny. So the concept of acting in a slightly unusual environment isn’t entirely alien to her.

The Chicago-born actress even did some voice acting for Hellbender, the sequel to Fury3 (which was largely known for being the Windows 95 re-badging of Terminal Velocity). But Hellbender didn’t exactly have a lot of star power behind it. Squadron 42 has Mark Hamill, John Rhys-Davies, Gary Oldman, Mark Strong and Andy Serkis, for instance.

Squadron 42 also has a crazy motion capture setup that Anderson clearly isn’t entirely familiar with. “I don’t think I was quite prepared for how exposed you are, walking around. But at least I was OK because my [suit] was black … the only thing to do is laugh at yourself, laugh at the situation,” Anderson said.

It’s pretty crazy.

“Put your ego at the door, and just have fun,” she noted.

It’s kind of a good sentiment for how Star Citizen is becoming, minus the ego part. Just check your expectations at the door and dive in; it’s too big a project to get to grips with very simply. Squadron 42 is scheduled for release later this year, although that’s provided there aren’t any delays.


  • It’s always amusing hearing Gillian Anderson switch between accents in interviews depending on what nationality of character she’s currently playing, I guess she maintains it to make it sound as natural as possible while on screen. When Top Gear had her on last year she was shooting another season of The Fall and was in full English mode (which is her native accent).

  • Squadron 42 has Mark Hamill, John Rhys-Davies, Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, Mark Strong, Mark Hamill, Andy Serkis and Mark Hamill, for instance.

  • Is there any chance at all of Star Citizen coming to consoles? Maybe a slimmed down campaign only version? I’d love to play it but I sure can’t justify building a PC to do it.

  • Kinda peevs me off to see Chris Roberts in there trying to play at being Mr Big Movie Director man.

    Pretty sure that no one who signed up for the Kickstarter or paid for the multitude of ships since… signed up for the “Pay for Chris Roberts reattempting his Hollywood Dreams – Plan B”

    Mate… hire the people that know what they are doing, and get the bloody game made already!

    I can understand creative directors wanting to have there fingers in each pie… but I’m really starting to feel like its the baked goods from American Pie…

      • That’s not his point. His point is Chris Roberts needs to stop micro-managing every line of code and every bit of recorded video/audio or this game will never get finished/released.

    • Actually, this is EXACTLY why I put $1000 into Star Citizen. Because I wanted Wing Commander and Privateer to mate and have an epic monster of a baby. A massive MMO Space flight open world with a HUGE singleplayer storyline and interesting characters. AKA Wing Commander 2/3, with a Privateer mode. I love Chris Roberts’ single player storylines. His romanticised Space Operas are gorgeous, fun, and frankly my number 1 gaming series.

      I own Wing Commander 1, Secret Missions 1/2, Wing Commander 2, Special Operations 1/2, Wing Commander 3 DOS and PSX/Wing Commander 4 CD and DVD editions/Prophecy/Secret Operations, Kilrathi Saga, Super Wing Commander 3DO and Macintosh editions., Wing Commander Armada and Proving grounds, Wing Commander Academy. Even the freaking cartoon of Wing Commander Academy TV was awesome.

      Chris Roberts is merely returning to his roots in gaming and making a freaking epic game. Remember Wing Commander 3 was 4 CDs long because of the cutscenes and Wing Commander IV was a mammoth 6 CDs long for the same reason. Wing Commander was always about giving players the most choices/options and detailed storylines with evolving growing characters that you cared about. If you didn’t feel crushed when spirit plowed her fighter into the station her fiance was being held on then you weren’t playing Wing Commander 1/2 correctly.

  • Mr. Rogers is dangerously close to being another George Lucas. Focus on the big picture mate, before it’s too late.

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